Most of the 600b mentioned by Anwar actually is the withdrawal of EPF and does not go into anyone’s pockets except the epf accounts holders. Did you get your facts right or are you paid by the current government to be a parrot?

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Watch this undercover video that exposes Pfizer


You are just a stat and a cash cow to them

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PH govt out of its original track.

ANWar says his daughter will not cheat. Well why should rakyat believe it. If that is the case how Rosmah?

Why late former chief Secretary to the govt Ali failed to disclose it together with the Accountant General Ambran baba?'

The concealing show came to light because of THE SMARTNESS OF ONE GREAT LADY SHAWANI video recording.


RAKYAT HAVE TWICE IN 2018/2022 help towards this GOLD.

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Khairy is a run dog for the World Economic Forum aka globalist elites who released the virus to push the agenda of the green new deal, climate change and great financial reset. This is not a conspiracy


The WEF also penetrate more than 1/2 the Canadian cabinets and Klaus Schwab boasts about it.


So is the NZ PM who was compromised and that is why she quit before the voters kick her out. Don’t think Anwar is any better either. He almost sold the country to the IMF during Mahathir time.

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Sue all involved including politician individual n party

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Why gov still proceed with wrong doing on inortion people. Menteri ada otak ke tiada otak empty brain. Just proceed whichever it's a mistake.

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I had read that the story about the Thai royal family having met with Dr Bhakdi and is now nullifying the contract with Pfizer is fake. I'm surprised to see it mentioned here as fact.

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Should investigate vaccine procurement, distribution of vaccines, including MySejahtera, de appointment and involvement of Protect Health Corp etc.... Most of all allegation that donated doses of Sinovac were sold to private clinics....

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