This is upsetting pmx.

Pmx is trying to get into the good books of the sultan (the sultan revoke his datoship from selangor in 2014) and here he is bungling on a simple matter of awarding the project to mrcb.

From the article, the penjawat awam appears to be sabotaging the award of the contract. It may show that they reject ph government.

While it is true only 34% of ph mps (dap,pkr,amanah) are muslims, the penjawat awam should be professional and cooperate

with the majority non muslim mps in pakatan harapan.

Let us work together and not sabotage pmx dap led government and that applies for all penjawat awam in every state in the country.


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One merely has to study the Port Klang Free Port fiasco to understand how the mainly Chinese financiers and land owners in the region operate in such circumstances using the less informed and experienced Malay bureaucrats in situations lie the stadium contracts. One need look no further than the Chinese components of the Selangor government for answers on this.

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