If najib is pardoned, he will ask zahid to step aside. To win malay support, najib will get bn to leave ph and join pn.

If najib is not pardoned, he will ask 14 bn mps to withdraw support from ph next week. This will encourage 6 sabah mps from grs to do the same. It will then snowball into an avalanche.

So, to be or not to be..for that os the question..😻

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Indeed. As it was with Zahid when he helped PMX assume control of the country, the pardoning of Najib will be seen as for the greater good. The nation will be quick to forgive all his past misdeeds -- we witnessed how fast anger turned to acceptance when Zahid and UMNO came to the rescue in GE15.

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"came to the rescue"

Who rescued who?

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Jan 20·edited Jan 24

Hows about a piece on that old zombie Mamakthir and the "investigation" that hasn't even come close to him but the pendatang Kerala Korpse is already twitching like crazy, foaming at the snout, and running amok with fury?

If the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Massacre Monster and his family are being investigated that should extend to other countries as a matter of grave importance. Our slippery politicians love to stash their asset or loot in foreign countries.

It is crucial those investigated ought to be scrutinised for their patriotism, it is already highly embarrassing our dodgy lot loves Mother England more than the country they presumably rob. Now we find they even park their loot in little islands run by off-white despotic entities, wtf!

Daim of The Eminent Elders should be thoroughly investigated especially for his financial genius. His genius as he made it out should be shared with the Malays who never benefited one bit from that. We should do Malay congresses specially for the floor mop to lecture on and elevate their wealth - and dignity.

Of course, the "wealthy" Chinese and Indians should be investigated too. Many of these were cronies and bagboys and they magically became immensely wealthy very much like the families of our politicians.

The gomen should seize assets stashed abroad like the US is doing to Russians, on the simple charge of the absence of patriotism and keeping assets abroad when that should be generating wealth for Malaysia.

If convicted, assets should be confiscated, that would be useful for the country - and particularly a lot of bumis. Even the rubbishy titles, like Toon, Tan Sri, Datuk, and whatever the fcuk else should be stripped.

If syariah laws exists, they should be made to apply. Hands should be chopped off, there should be whipping, stoning, and everything else that applies. If the convicted is Mamak, he should be additionally stripped naked and paraded across town and country like in India.

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Who is Dying of the "Council of Elders" who must feel like drowning in his own diarrhoea of extreme anxiety now that his Mrs Toon is being charged.

Enjoy the hilarity, the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Massacre Monster somehow thinks he's next in line to be toyed by Mullah Anwar in further investigations. Mamakthir now thinks he should now try the ploy of pleading and crawling to Anwar, he's being sugary sweet reminding about the good times and good deeds he did for Anwar, the Old Snake is too old to be harassed, spare his son Muthumirzan and all that, how funny if not how disgusting and disgraceful..!

The investigation has still not reached the Kerala Krait and he's already buckled up and surrendering!

How about a little peace of mind Anwar could jolly well botch his investigation, it's very disheartening the Kerala Korpse is as good as packed up being arrogant and cocky nobody can touch him and all that..!

Come on, think of India, or at least Kerala, fight the good fight, fight for the Truth (if any), and fight for your legacy (yes, you care the world about that!)

Anyway, if Dying goes, you go too, Mamakthir! Stay alive and let Anwar get his twenty bucks' worth torturing you, buuiaaahahaha..!!!

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Oh, I forgot, Mamakthir only owned a roti canai outfit that had to close because his Malay workers were "lazy" and "untrustworthy". I don't know how many chapatis his feudal slaves helped themselves to but in my experience (not running a bakery) I find most issues can be solved by paying workers decent wages. His slaves said "Give us this day our daily bread" and the old Mamakthir took it to mean money.

I may consider running a bakery if I need to launder money.

Or need to pretend I am poor and my filthy rich children won't give me any money.

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Jan 19·edited Jan 19

Murray, an appropriate title would be "A Pardon for Najib: A Decision for a Conflicted Judgment."

The fact that his judge had previously served as a legal advisor for the Malayan Banking Group, under which SRC's administrator, Maybank Investment Berhad, operates, raises questions about the fairness of his SRC trial.

'Jumping over dollar bills to pick up coins" illustrates the oversight in seeking a pardon without addressing the underlying issue of a biased judgment. While a pardon may provide a short-term resolution, it would not rectify the fundamental problem of a judge with a conflict of interest overseeing the case.

If pardoned, the former prime minister should subject himself to fresh charges under a new judge, which resonates with those who wish him a fair and impartial legal process rather than opting for a superficial remedy through a pardon.


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Respect for the Malaysian royals will take a massive hit if Najib is pardoned. Mr. Madani will be finished as a politician. The corruption merry-go-round will continue as normal, and the Malaysian public will continue to face an ever increasing threat of Islamization. In short, nothing much will change except that Malaysia's standing in the world as a viable state will crumble. Anwar Ibrahiim has no political future if Najib is freed. His only hope is to keep Najib in jail and live to fight another day. The political hit from keeping the former PM incarcerated may be significant and quick but AI will have a chance at redemption. Free Najib and Anwar is history.

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Malaisesians can follow Tokong Lee Khat Siang and the Dirty Arsewipes Party's idea to forgive the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Massacre Monster, M for Macaivillain, to win an election, surely we shouldn't hold back on being good Christians, forgive Ah Jib.

We've as good as forgiven the creature with more charges than any handphone battery the Javanese pendatang Zahid, it surely is Ah Jib's turn to be blessed in a Forgiveness Fest.

I say forgive Ah Jib, Rosmah, and Fat Jho too. It's time Ah Jho comes out from hiding inside the Paris Hilton.

We need know, among other pressing questions, why the US Department of Justice, FBI were so interested in bringing Ah Jib down. And were any bribe paid to anyone or any entity for that.

We should start from scratch, have another trial, have an inquiry, have everything plus more all over again. This time without any interference from anywhere.

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Looks like the moral of the story is that crime pays in bolehland. Small crimes pay small but the bigger the crime the bigger the payoff… So think big😁🇲🇾💰🤡❗️

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He deserves to be exonerated not just pardoned. The entire trial and the charges proffered against the man was a farce and a political one at that orchestrated by the discredited FBI for purely political reasons.

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"orchestrated by the discredited FBI.."

Wasn't the evil Mamakthir a big part of that "orchestra" - or even the conductor too?

Wasn't the Kerala Krait hiding under the skirt of the elderly mercenary British auntie who did most of the hit pieces to bring down Ah Jib?

Btw, who in Malaysia asked who to pay off Gordon Brown's charlady? And who asked who to pay off that Justo fella?

Sure, plenty of questions to ask, and it seems for the most part the treacherous "forked-tongue man" Macaivillain of pendatang Kerala ancestry is best placed to give the answers.

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