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The self-righteous will always bleat the same thing...

If "Halal" certification is not done by the Allamighty Amen herself, expect all sorts of funny things to occur when humans (or subhumans) appoint themselves to do the "Good Work".

Take for example Kosher certification in Britain, the Manchester Beth Din used to undercut the London Beth Din issuing "cheaper" kosher certification for kosher food. The result was those in one area will go to another to get their Almighty's bit of paper to hang up the wall, Amen. The result was a tuft war.

I won't expect other "religious" to be any different. Muslims in several countries in Britain and Europe still take their kids to Jewish rabbi and doctors for the barbaric practice of having their foreskins sliced. I don't think it's to do with the price for the slice, it makes no difference to many who does the act.

If I can't get halal food for my Muslim friends, I go to the Yahudis, vice versa. They've not once complained, not to sermonise I tell them friends to fcuk off if they are difficult. And the shops of either fraternity have never complained, both have only laughed - and shook their heads, wtf!

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