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Johari Ghani is not an opposition MP

He's BN, hence majority

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Thank you

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You're welcome. Always a pleasure reading your contributions

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An MOU is nothing more nothing less than an aspirational statement between two or more parties. There are triggers and events that could convert that MOU into a binding contract if and when the parties are ready to commit. But don't tell that to a Malaysian lawyer. They'll go to pieces because it is they who draft these documents and advise their clients on the Malaysian side.

Considering Anwar Ibrahim's long held relationship with Malaysian lawyers, those who for a paypacket from the US funded NED would spin any tale about his prowess as an orator and leader, it is no wonder that these leeches continue to feed off his gravy train and he continues to rely on them.

China did not become the world's biggest and most successful economy by being stupid and falling for the Anwar trick. The Malaysian ministers from the Chinese ones and the others who "vetted" these agreements (their lap dogs) are just that. A bunch of slimey money launderers who now go back to KL and withdraw in advance for those who fell for this triick, monetary gains, votes, state grants and the rest to fatten their coffers and enhance their lacklustre performance as "leaders".

When China gets into an agreement with whoever it teams up with, only China wins. History shows us that the entire Silk Road initiative is paved with gold for China and benefits for China with mirages for their "partners". In desperate times desperate people grab on to that proverbial straw because they lack the intellect and leadership required to pull themselves out of their self inflicted mess.

Malaysia will in due course, and not too long from now find themselves in a similar position to Sri Lanka. The real kleptocrats are not in jail but in parliament. Their cheer leaders have largely gone home empty handed except for a pyric victory with Anwar in the PM's office.

If the world's most powerful country, the USA with all its economic and military power and strength is found unable to pay its debts and bills intime (technically insolvent) what does Anwar or his advisors think they have to demonstrate something higher or better than the US in such circumstances? They were after all brought into office by sleight of hand of the USA.

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Sorry ,my last comment..hangs.

Nemind..just ignore my posting

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After reading John Taharins "witty" comments, and familiar with Joe Ghanis background which explains his " critical.comments" So. while.waiting for the perfect PM to be in office, I will focus on other areas of interests..

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A deal is done when money is in the bank.mou,loi,heads of agreement are non binding.

That china trip will likely bring nothing them knowing anwar and his government may fall in two months.

That said, tan sri annuar musa may start his campaign tour next week and may have 5 bn mps to leave bn when the time comes.

This may not include yet mp of bera and sembrong, mca seats of air hitam and tg piai,mic seat of tapah and pbrs seat of pensiangan.

Videos of old where zul nordin was upset with anwar because dap want anwar to let kalimah allah be used in churches and bibles and anwar selling allah's name for christian votes is not helping.

Umno members are also upset that they have been asked to vote for dap candidates who are against ketuanan melayu but now have to listen to the new tuan that is DAP.

170bil from the chinese? Doubt it. Anwar lies to all people all the time. Maybe he is mentally disordered.

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