When you have people like Hannah Yeoh and Teresa Kok in any parliamentary group, you get the stench of corruption in all its forms and glory in tow. These are people who inspite of their Born Again Christian credentials have no idea of the law, the constitution or its impacts on the state and their own beings.

The admission by Ambiga Srinivasan to having received money from Selangor state government to fund Bersih (an illegal unregistered political party with its registration abroad) into overthrowing the Federal Government, they committed the capital offence of sedition and treason. No one amongst the "legal eagles' and "constitutional experts" (all self proclaimed) in Malaysia which includes Tomy THomas and Ambiga Srinivasan seemed to notice. Why? two reasons. They were completely ignorant of the constitution of Malaysia or they were paid to breach it with US backing. MY take is that it was a combination of both.

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Facts speak for itself

1- No letter of award was issued to any company

2- The 300+ac land is GAZETTED as state park and dont have any land titles. To do anything else other than recreational facilities requires the land to go through a degazettement which is a lengthy process that includes federal law

3- I agree that FIA in Selangor is a farce

4- So far all expenses are actually paid by MBI

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