whether enough evidence or not is arbitrary. it's all depend on the judge who presides. with current evidence it is enough to convict muhyiddin.

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It took the PH government prosecutors almost one year to collect enough evidence to make a case against Najib. The prosecution for the Muhyiddin case apparently took just three months to collect enough evidence to lay charges against Muhyiddin. This is amazingly quick in a case allegedly involving RM 232 million.


Rubbish. PH won on 9th May 2018.

Najib detained and charged for SRC 3 July 2018

Less than two months. What almost one year?

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Malaysia's legal system has been corrupted from the inside by the NED. It was the NED that financed the charades they called the annual Malaysian Bar elections to office holders election. They achieved this by mustering large numbers of practitioners from the large firms like Skrine and others like them to stack the meetings thereby corrupting the Malaysian Bar with the most incompetent of lawyers ever to be assembled anywhere in the commonwealth. In Pakistan even though they are very political and divided there, they field talent. Not in Malaysia. They've had a paid "woman of courage" fielded by the US embassy and the NED along with a little help with Soros's open societies foundation to lead the Bar into a hole. It has never climbed out of it since.

Out of this mob come the judges. They too demonstrate no capacity for good jurisprudence or impartiality and independence. Steeped deeply in the politics of the nation they openly demonstrate their biases and lack of legal knowledge.

Lets look at the case of DS Najib. Even if he is guilty of the offences charged with, he is a "minister of the crown" (not necessarily a cabinet minister but a member of the King's parliament ). He is immune from prosecution till such time parliament on a sitting of a committee set up for the purpose decides it must lift his immunities and cannot indemnify him against such offences where prima facie evidence compels them to hand him over to a civilian court.

Thomas, Sri Ram Gopal and the government failed to do so,. In charging him then jailing him without regard for his rights they in fact jailed the King (even Charles I had his rights before being hung drawn and quartered).

Malaysia's Agong was implicated in the receipt of bribes in the FIFA scandal. He is featured at one of their meetings where the deed was done. That information was used by the NED it is said to subtly pressure the Agong to allow Najib to be charged and tried without his intervention.

The King it is said can do no wrong. It is an old maxim in the English constitution whose conventions loom large over the Malaysian and other similar constitutions to this day.

As Malaysian lawyers of the calibre of Ambiga, Tommy Thomas and the late lame such Sri Ram Gopal these rules mean nothing at all. It was political all along. It is the standard of justice by Malaysian standards. The Bar must be held to account.

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Since Anwar is now in charge at the Finance Ministry, (by design perhaps, as corruptions of this nature had been around long before GE15) and former minister Zahfrul is still in the cabinet, l believe there is enough paper trail to string up a solid case. Those people in SPRM and AG are shrew enough to navigate ultra sensitive case like this.

Sit back and relax!

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Mar 10, 2023·edited Mar 10, 2023

Evidence! You have it or you don't. It does not matter how long to gather it. It cud just take an hour or a day... Not months or years. So let the court decide.... Don't be a smarty ass. . 🤔

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You need to make at least a cursory attempt to look like you're trying, before banking in your cheque *cough*, Mr Hunter.

Before reaching into your bowels for material, try doing some research. Here's one for you:


Starter for 10: Who and what is "Nepturis Sdn Bhd"? Why does it sound familiar?

You're slightly worse value for money than RPK right now.

(HINT: That's not a good thing.)

PS: One article a day on Malaysia, suddenly? Try not to make it toooooo obvious, you ancient drunkard.

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Why theedgemarkets? It is every bit fishy and an interested party right at the thick of things.

HINT: Try harder, read all round before spew nothing

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Even case against Najib is not all that strong.

Btw, when is Fat Jho coming home? Our law enforcer intelligence coppers can get close enough to know Jho's face change job and transformation into an old man but could not grab him ever.

And Jho can be in Dubai, China, Macau, Hong Kong at any and all the time, which means our officers must be taking holidays all over the world buying their wives handbags.

Our MACC lot must be like chameleons too, today with this master, tomorrow an entirely new one, new master, new enemies...

Enjoy your life and spend all the money, Jho, do that before your obesity kills you. Our Keystone Kops are never going to get you. You can even come back and take the side of whoever can spring you out of any charge and any imprisonment. A Get Out of Jail voucher awaits you!

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This Madanon govt doesn’t care whether there are enough evidence to convict the Bersatu members. The purpose is to shame PN & hope the votes will swing back to PH/BN in the coming PRN’s. These cases will take at least 4 years to complete before which time they hope to control these states. Let’s see whether their plans will blowup in their faces or backfire

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Shudnt the sources of funding by the other political parties be investigated as well? I m quite certain Syed Mokhtar had also made contributions to Umno, Pkr & Dap. What about contributions made by the likes of Vincent Tan, Ananda, Francis Yeoh, etc. why only Bersatu & Mahiadin are being singled out? All political parties books & accounts must be audited and made public. PMX’s Kerajaan Madani shud b more transparent.

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You're asking a lot of our shifty political parties to show their books. Malaysia doesn't work like that.

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The IMDB case was carried out via complicated web of international transactions designed to camouflage the source of the funds. A year taken to gather the proof would have been impossible for our MACC if not for the findings and cooperation of the US Department of Justice. Please don’t use that as a yardstick to arrive at your conclusion for a case using utterly primitive methods without a care in the world about possible detection due to a mistaken belief that everything can be covered up after the GE15 is won.

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