Mr. Murray,

there is an issue that I think possibly is a very urgent one considering the way things are in Malaysia. It worries me tremendously that if Jakim could have the Meat Cartel incident for over 40 years, I dare not think what could possibly be the situation with pork and other non-halal livestock which are staple for the Chinese and even the Indian community. I shudder to think what kind of officials are assigned to an industry the Malay government would rather assume doesn't even exist much less to deal with it, and what is being mixed inside or allowed to pass through when no one is even looking or cares. The whole non-Malay population in the country could be all be eating long dead or severely diseased swine or injected or fed with various banned chemicals and feeds for all we know. Should not someone earnestly look into this discreetly to see if everything is actually ok?

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Best that JAKIM BE SHUT DOWN and a team of religious regulators who are answerable to the people are set up. This Minister is a derelict.

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Why focus on Thomas Foods? Is it surprising to anyone the abject failure and incompetence of Jakim or most other government institutions?? Has everyone forgotten about the Meat Cartel that allowed non-halal meat to be mixed in by their very own officers for over 40 YEARS in return for sex, money and favours?

The Muslims in this country in fact, if they so religiously conduct themselves, then should all be puking their brains out in disgust and up in arms ready to march on Jakim Headquarters ready for heads to roll for being duped and duped for more than FOUR DECADES! Could it be that we Malaysians have decided to turn a blind eye to such dastardly crimes to focus on such things as the high profile case and scapegoat i.e. Najib, currently being proffered up to distract us from the real issues at hand?

This epidemic of inertia and sad state of affairs in our country has to stop! The total disregard of one of the Muslim faith's most sacred practices is tantamount to breach of duty and negligence not to mention most sinful and blasphemous in their religion and Allah's eyes. Why are Idris Ahmad et al not being prosecuted and highlighted in the daily news as they should for crimes that are in fact much worse?!

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