Not vaccine, then due to climate change?

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Clearly, these excess deaths are due to the pandemic of ignorance.

"Our global crisis is, at its root, a crisis of consciousness."

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Why can't you simply call it a pandemic of stupidity?

Contrary to their opinion of themselves, Malaysians are generally quite stupid.

Only their excess stupidity prevents Malaysians from knowing they are stupid.

The sheer lack of intelligent discourses, inability of engaging in any discourse, lack of a culture of learning, lack of any culture, laziness even to think, crap universities, crap educational system, innate stupidity, influence by Stone Age religion... all contribute to reasons why Malaysia is an abomination, retarded, cannot progress and is progressively going backward.

Amazing how some among our professional retards can even think they are of some superior stock, our stupid are definitely the last to know they are stupid. If ever...

How stupid!

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Hahaha... I like your comment YAP... I agree... Its always something else rather than the killer shots... Sometimes they say eating durian kills.... Its true... Durians are expensive, you will die paying for them...

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Stupidity also kills.

And standing under a durian tree also kills.

Ever thought about not dying if you don't pay for expensive durians?

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Sute there is plenty of evidence. Even the blind can see this mr. Gopal. Any data on immunity/AEFI due to the shots? None? I wonder why...

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You'd be able to see Pfizer's data in 60 years.

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To begin with any investigation one should question the stats (any) gathered in Malaysia and by the gomen.

And doubt them.

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Harvesting period has begun, you get what you have invested

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This page is blocked in Malaysia, accessible only via VPN. I wonder why?

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I would not be too sure those deaths are unrelated to COVID-19. I was sick for about a week and only recovered a couple of days ago. The cluster of symptoms was exactly the same as I experienced twice before, once in Beijing (March 2021) and once in Thailand (September/October 2022). Remember, COVID-19 manifests differently in different individuals based on the individual's comorbidities and because of the huge number of variants, COVID-19 tests can and often do produce false negatives as production times leaves them behind the curve. This DARPA created virus is far from over. https://www.currentaffairs.org/2022/08/why-the-chair-of-the-lancets-covid-19-commission-thinks-the-us-government-is-preventing-a-real-investigation-into-the-pandemic

Last night at Masjid one man sneezed loudly and forcefully about 25 times with a five second delay between each sneeze. That room at the front of the Masjid is sealed and though there are air conditioners and fans, there is no doubt every person in that sealed front part of the Masjid inhaled everything that was in his lungs. He could have left the sealed part of the Masjid but just stood there sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. It was unbelievable!

People with bad coughs and other obvious symptoms of illness should not go into contained places. Long walks and/or jogging tend to raise immune response, but there is a "J" curve whereby immediately after that exercise immune response is lowered for a while (typically 12 - 24 hours), before it increases.

Eating sensibly, which means including substantial amounts of different vegetables and fruits, helps enormously as well. The typical diet here definitely does not help. I don't want to pray in that part of the Masjid anymore. Sealed rooms are doom and so many people at that Masjid have bad coughs.

It's a great way to murder people and get away with it too, by the way.

A timely very important article. Thank you Murray.

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Some say smoking helps... But if you go to a masjid or even if you don't, faith in the big bearded lady up the sky helps.

If the big bearded lady up the sky says your time is up for any damn reason, inshyalla, then you're pretty much buggered, Amin!

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There is no empirical evidence to prove the assertions made in this article.

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Surely, you must have been living under a rock?

Excess deaths have always been the desired outcome of world government.

This has been widely exposed in: plandemicseries .com

And several hundreds of outlets.

If you wish to know the truth, look for anything censored, banned and made illegal. Then look at who is doing the banning and you will find who lies and who profits.

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Let me guess. Martians and they must be Muslim. Because they aree all little green men.

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Please elaborate

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Do you know any Martians yourself? If not, why claim that they little or green?

The reality of truth is much simpler:

. Malaysia and Borneo was once one of the most advanced and prosperous places on earth, both spiritually and ecologically ( true wealth ) until politics and greed disrupted its natural balance

. The original and first people of Malaysia have always been wiser and spiritually advanced than any Muslim.

. Mahathir Mohamad and PAS requires people to be ignorant in order to remain in power

. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology and system of control which does not respect basic human rights.

. The prime minister, sultan or King have never been legitimate rulers of anything. They simply exist to supress, subdue, downgrade and enslave its people. They will use money ( permission slips ) regulation, laws, Religion and Division to divide its people until Nature and Biodiversity is erradicated.

Let that sink in..

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"Mahathir Mohamad and PAS requires people to be ignorant in order to remain in power"

Shame both of the two are freaking ignorant tossers, the old dictator, and the PAS barmy army

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You can't qualify yourself to talk about Islam until you've drunk camel urine.

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Fair enough.. 😂👏😂👏😂👏

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"no empirical evidence... "

How so?

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