Anyone who travels to Penang often, could see, the long term benefits of the project.

And those who has visited the southern part of the island would notice ,how far behind, in terms of economic development, the area is.

Penang has to grow like Singapore and Hong Kong, to survive competitively and the folks in that area must be made aware that the livelihood must adapt, for the better. for the sake of future generations.

Fishing ,for instance must modernise and take advantage of the development.instead of choosing to remain in idyllic,touristic environment,trapped in time warp,

And professional writers, and genuine environmentalists must see beyond their own almost selfish and sometimes eccentric interests.

Lots more, could be debated over this project...but lets be objective, and politically less exploitative.

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born in Teluk Kumbar, every year of trip goin home, i see the lost of traditional malay land to development.

How come heritage effort is only confine to building in tanjung? why hasnt there any heritage esp traditional malay kampungs ie frm the south? arent malay communities are among the 1st settlers in the island? where are their heritage preserved... are there?..

The skyline entering the island frm the bridge already mimick the HK facade.. And the migratn of young malay communities to mainland SP, even to Kedah. Of course thy cant afford the cost of living here now and in the future too, since you akin it to be like Spore/HK

Of course Dato, Pulau Pinang today like S'pore, is loosing its national identity to Spore like names... while HK maintain operating the heritage ferry the state gov decide otherwise... what a let down...

Dont think people are against modernizatn, but at the expense of nature and humanities... since when does by providing a Mercury 4 stroke engine fibreglass boat to the 300+ fisherman is modernizatn?...

what happen to the northern island reclaimatn project? what has the fisherman communities benefit? modernizatn? or silt mud, sea ooze, dead sea mud actually... lost of fisheries... have their well being /livelyhood improve?

we use to be Pearl of the Orient, cant remember what are we now...

of course there's been lots of debate on this... and we can still debate, arent thy objective... only if ONEs support this project it is seen as being OBEJCTIVE and if not its otherwise...

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This project smells a rat. Totally so ecologically unfriendly project & approved in a hurry by the Madani govt. Raising money for the PRN’s? The project has absolutely no benefit to the community as rightly pointed out by the writer. We talk so much about food security, care for the environment etc yet we are doing this massive project which will only result in an ecological disaster

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