Khairy Jamaluddin is a political whore of the lowest calibre. And guess what. He is unfazed by that image of his and what people think of him. Such people have no place in politics or managing the lives of other human beings.

Khairy deserted the former Prime Minister DS Najib even before his political corpse was cold. He saw opportunities in walking over the 'dead body' of the former Prime Minister as it mattered not to him whether DS Najib was right or wrong. What mattered to Khairy was where his next stream of cash was coming from.

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If KJ wants start his own party, he should learn from Syed Saddiq's MUDA on HOW NOT TO create a new political party. Saddiq's party is ignored and ghosted by the PH coalition that MUDA loyally supported.

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Assuming kj is president of gerakan, he may need to see how to win 30 seats at least in ge 16.

If kj becomes vice president of bersatu, he starts with 30 seats now and have a chance to bring it to 55 seats in ge 16.

If gerakan bersatu and pas are still together, then it is a good deal for kj and pn.

If they are not, it is a bit risky.

Recommendation : join gerakan.

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