Antonio Gramsci wrote that a crisis occurs when the old is dying but refuses to allow the new to be born.

In the evening of his life, Mahathir does well to read a few significant stories and books relevant to his life, before he return to where he belongs and comes from.

Leo Tolstoy -" How much land does a man need"

Viktor Frankl -" Man's search for meaning"

E Richard Brown - Rockefeller medicine men

medicine & capitalism in America

Zbigniew Brzezinski -The grand chessboard

Jim Marrs -Population Control-how corporate owners are killing us

Pfizer's covid-19 vaccine indemnification agreement.

John Coleman- The conspirators hierarchy a committee of 300 .

The measure of a man enduring presence long after his passing is gauged by what history remember him by.

What will Malaysians 5 years, 10 years think of you down the corridor of history? if any one remembers you at all.

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The article is mostly factual. However, I disagree with the opinion that Mahathir could have been the UN Sec Gen is rather far fetched. He was never considered for that post nor was he, in my opinion, ever eligible. Mahathir was and is still very much a racist who, by his own admission, fights for Islam, his religion. A racist and a religious bigot should is not a good leader. For the 22 years he was the PM of Malaysia, he displayed dictatorial tendencies, practiced apartheid in his own style by openly discriminating the minority races particularly the Chinese and Indians. He always claimed the malays needed help form the government but untill he left office after 22 years in power he did nothing for the really poor malays. Till today he claims the malays are backward and poor. He even had a second chance and was PM for another 22 months but he still claims there are poor malays. For about 60 years it was the malays who controlled the government throught a malay political party, the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO). All he managed to achieve was state organisd, instituionalused & state structured discrimination against the Chinese & Indians & the other minority races. That's the kind of leadership he practised. There was no rule of law. His party stalwarts and he personally exerted control over the judiciary and the legislative. That's one contribution to his widely acclaimed title of dictator.

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Islam is a religion and not a race. Perhaps you ought to get your facts right before making such accusations as you have about the man wanting to defend his religion. After all the Queen of England and her son to be King and all her predecessors in office are sworn to defend their religion too. That of itself did not make them racists. Their denial of fundamental rights to their subjects in their colonies on the basis of their race made them racists.

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Mr gopal, would you be so kind enough as to point out where in my comments I have said Islam is a race.

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There are 2 things to be said about this rivalry between Dr. Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim prime minister of Malaysia.

The allegations against Dr. Mahathir by Anwar Ibrahim have never been proved. Nevertheless it must be said that the National Endowment for Democracy, a CIA funded American outfit have openly stated and demonstrated that they groomed, funded and assisted Anwar Ibrahim in his efforts to overthrow Dr. Mahathir's government during a time the US had been destabilizing all of south east Asia especially Indonesia with the 'reformasi' campaigns.

The NED concocted the unproven allegations against Mahathir about his enriching his family without providing a scintilla of evidence to back their claims in this regard. "Throw mud at your opponent and some of it will stick".

One of Mahathir's sons had married into the family of Liem Soei Liem the Indonesian billionaire. It is not hard to imagine how that marriage would have enriched at least one of Mahathir's sons. But that of itself does not substantiate an allegation of the sort Anwar and the NED have levelled against Dr. Mahathir.

Secondly and more importantly, Anwar Ibrahim having been outed by his backers the NED has committed the most corrupt act of any politician and that is the acts of treason and sedition. It is an act that carries with it the death penalty in most civilized jurisdictions. Sedition and treason being the attempt at overthrowing the king or the government. Instead the US ran a line that it was an act of heroism and tried vainly to compare the man Anwar with Nelson Mandela.

Dr. Mahathir sadly continues to be the only individual in all of Malaysia to have been able to hold a government together and prosper his country beyond all expectations in the face of overwhelming odds.

To this day Anwar has been full of excuses, loud sermons, attempts at Shakespearean dialogue to overcome his embarrassing lack of intellect and his inability to govern.

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