I've tried Khat, be-leave you me, that's pretty interesting! No, I don't mean that weird scribble form of writing made famous by Tokong (tan sri) Lim Khat Siang and foisted on the nons.

Khat may be worth introducing to our diet, it's not an "upscale" kinda vegetation and use of it is perfectly ok in quite a few Muslim countries.

For the "hardcore", they still can visit Thailand for the Kratom experience, but, if permitted wan day soon, can stay home for the Khat experience. In between you can also have your shisha, I'm all for that too, I have the shisha exhaust stuck to me practically all the time whenever I'm in the Middle East, What fun! Doing that in Malaysia is immensely boring...

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Kratom is of all-round benefits to Malaysia. Introducing it will open up the economy, right now we are headed toward a time of really bad economic calamities with the bad trends forecasted.

Not just helping an industry that is sure to flourish in Malaysia, it will help get the minds of folks off worrying and fidgeting over the coming terrible economy. Not to say the economy is any good now, I'm saying the worse and the worst are yet to come. But soon.

Instead of wandering across the border to get the stuff and cause our cheap money to drain into the Land of Smiles, we can spend our rubbish currency here. We should have a "symbiotic" relationship with Thailand, after all, part of Malaysia is actually Thailand.

Kratom is medicinal, has a lot of uses. Doing the herb here will help save on the hefty expenditure on foreign pharmaceuticals by our gomen and it's middlemen. Us peddling Kratom is better than our politicians peddling snake oil.

The plant is magic with helping with weight loss. As all know, Malaysia is full of the grotesquely obese, and one of the champion countries on top of the charts for obesity. The fear of looking fat and the inability with keeping off loads of junk food and eating them religiously is making all Malaysians very unhappy and even depressed. The unhappy and depressed always turn to stuffing their faces as a remedy. The solution is to tum to the magical plant, Alleluyah!

Malaysia is turning green but not in agriculture which should be what we should turn to to keep the country afloat, we are practically useless in industry. We spent near twenty years and made a gigantic loss making Proton, our crap origami coffin on four cheap wheels. That is until our Chinese uncles came and taught us how to cook kangkong. Our steel industry collapsed soon as we had a go at it. We can only make semiconductors for electric kettles and electric fans, that's about it for our "high tech" industry. Otherwise all we know is making rubber gloves and effing condoms, not exactly thriving industries...

Rather than stopping the traffic or even migration of our countrymen to Thailand for the benefits of the plant, we should keep them here and make Malaysia a second home for Kratom.

I leave (geddit?) y'all to have a good think about what I wrote, this is no errr puff piece for the plant. Good luck with the Green Revolution, eh?!

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This is the funniest comment ever!🤣..

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To develop ketum industry in malaysia, it must be reorganised. At the moment,its classification is under the Poisons act.

Remember oxycontin? Ketum is the same. You will find that only 1% will have problem with it. 99% will benefit for its medicinal values.

If abused, it can be toxic and leads to addiction and hallucination.

Thinking Jimi Hendrix😍

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We are mostly not addicted to our gomen at any time.

And any delusion over our gomen's ability at anything is just crippling hallucination.

We have spent a good half century trying to weed out our useless and worthless politicians - and failing. Now we should just stick to the weed part only.

I look forward to our cities, towns, and kampongs having those nice cafes like in Amsterdam. Imagine life improves with one up on just lying under the coconut trees and dreaming in a substandard stupor.

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Lol! True. At food inflation going at 6% and gdp growth at 2.9%, those that spend 1k a month can now only afford to buy half of the food from the supermarket.

The supermarket sales will then be at 50% sales volume of what it use to. This means the supermarket will lose money and jobs will be lost.

The spiral downwards is inevitable from there onwards..

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We sure must khatpitalise on the wonders of Kratom, "Save Malaysia" as they say...

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Actually, if not for this el nino weather, the roadside business of selling coffee, latte,caramel cofe,etc are as good in terms of profit margin and sales volume.

A cup of this coffee create wealth of rgt10. You only have to sell 100 cups a day to make rgt1000 a day. And that by 11am already!

Imagine if the government help these micro industries by giving them a cafe and a bit of capital to grow. Cheap funding..

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"giving them a cafe"

Certainly not!

We don't need cafes.

Our great businesses are always on the roadsides.

And right next to the drains.

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Then it rains everyday. The lightning poses danger. The generator to power up the coffee machine will be damaged. The operating hours has to be reduced from 12 hrs to 2 hrs.

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Who cares? As long as political warlords become rich who cares.

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I don't care as long as I can take my khat from the money made from Kratom.

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