Yaap Ah Loy was not a Kapitan. What a convenient title. He was a warlord. A Triad. He did develop a Chinese getto of slums. You like the Europeans created a history to celebrate what you consider is factual which is how these stories are often painted. You like the EDuropean colonialists makee asssumptions about the place "consisting of small fising villages" as if the Malays were not a civilization. WRONG. Like Sir Stamford Raffles "founded Singapore". If thats your idea of history. Good luck to you. Things will change and the Malays likee it or not will do what the Thais, Indonesians, Philippinos, Burmese, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Lao and others havee donee. Eradicate the Sino British view of the world.

How doess any of what you write on this subject correct or make history as we kneow it favourrable to the Malays. They are reclaiming theirs. In the process wiping out the gloss of the Anglo Chinese versions. Just like India and China re claimed theirs.

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"He was a warlord. A Triad."

Bit like Uncle Mo, who was a warlord too, a caravan raiding bandit chief, and a tribal “Triad" elder to boot.

Uncle Mo was a first among equals and unequals, entitled to a vastly larger share of any booty, women, slaves, camels, sheep, goats included.

Peace be upon Uncle Yap too..!

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"like the Europeans created a history to celebrate"

I find colonial plunder, looting, violence, oppression etc very difficult to celebrate.

Some colonial subjects may enjoy playing the colonial plantation niggah Sambos and be eternally grateful to their colonial massahs. But I feel nothing of that sort.

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Well, Yap Ah Loy was the third Kapitan Cina of Kuala Lumpur, as mentioned in Wikipedia. There's a photograph of him wearing that attire.

The chinese were not brought in to Malaya by the British, as claimed by a renown malay historian called Hishamudin Rais. The tin mines were owned by the chinese. They got the license from the British, the power that be having right over the minerals beneath the earth. The chinese were free people unlike the African slaves in America.

The Thai Chakri Royal family are Chinese. They used Chinese surname, Zheng, same as that of King Thaksin. There's no racial discrimination in Thailand, and as much as they riot throughout Bangkok city the riots never encroached Yaowarat, the Chinatown.

The richest man in Myanmar is a Chinese of Yunnan descent. The Chinese are free to do business there and can own even the airports. There's no racial discrimination towards the Chinese in Myanmar. After the Rohingyas migrated to Malaysia, you hardly hear any racial tension in Myanmar.

The Vietnamese are of Chinese descent. They use Chinese language in their writing, Tet is the same as all Chinese, and they read your fortune using Chinese lunar calendar.

The Laos worship Chinese. Same as Cambodia. If you do not believe you may travel to their beautiful countries and use their high speed China made trains.

Not sure about the Filipinos, but history has it that Imelda Marcos was very affectionate towards Mao Tze Dong.

For the Indonesians, what happens there is unlike the Little Jakarta in Chow Kit. They are planning about Kalimantan, with the Chinese of course.

During the Portuguese occupation, they said malacca was a sister country to Ottoman because of the ummah. Hayreddin Barbados was a feared admiral in the entire Mediterranean, but the ottoman never did come to rescue. Albuqueque only came with a handful of armed personnel.

Whereas when Parameswara wanted to secure his little kingdom from the Siamese, he and subsequently all his descendants went to China for protection. Which they got.

The chinese never came to steal anything from the Malays. That was a British colony, before that the Dutch, before that the Portuguese. The colonial powers made the arrangement.

BTW, not all parts of Malaya were foreign colony. Johor wasn't. The Sultan had said many times, the Chinese were invitees.

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Yes indeed the Chinese were al;owed to trade and to become independently wealthy. But to this day their cultural identity is squashed in each of these places mentioned. The name Taksin Shinawatra is a Thai name which is derived from the Sanskrit. He is of Chinese descent. But his character as a thief and kleptocrat was recognized by none other than Lee Kuan Yew.

The Chineese largely in Southeast Asia and the USS were refugees fleeing from the instability and persecution by feudal warlords and Triad clans and brought to places like Malaya, Thailand and elsewhere as indentured slaves. Make no mistakee off that. Slavery takess on many forms. Not all of them in physsical chains.

The British discovered tin andd seet the Chinese to work on it. It was then a labour intensive undertaking and yes the Chinese did work hard, pocketing the proceeds of their labourr from the British. But they made sure the British also benefitted from it.

None of these entitle the Chinese orr the British or Indians any right to obscure the rights of the Malays or to usurp their culture or history which is what this discussion is about. The fact that Yap Ah Loy is ddescribed as Kapitan Cina makes no difference to that made up fiction. Kapitan is neither a Chinese nor an English word or title.

The Malays will turn the character of Malaysia into a Malay story. Building large buildings and roads does not eradicatee or legitimise the history of the people of the country. The migrants who settled or were allowed to settle may have their own history but that does not in any way eradicate the historical truth about those there before them and recognized as being the custodians of Malaysia. The Malays.

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"obscure the rights of the Malays or to usurp their culture or history"

I am not sure about those supposed "rights of the Malays", I am more interested in Orang Asli rights and the rights of other indigenous folks.

There were Chinese who were making themselves copies of the Malays by copying the Malays and making themselves a classier and more interesting version of the original.

They were called Babas and Nyonyahs.

Those who claim to be "true" Malays should sue the Babas and Nyonyahs for copyright infringement.

Though I would rather the Malays tell us what a Malay person really is first, what we're getting mostly till now is really a tree-swinging monkey's pile of great big bollocks.

And none can get far anywhere banging their bollocks, really. If the Orang Aslis are so desperately hard up to, they can degenerate to banging their bollocks too but make better music.

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Concerned about the rights of the Orang Asli and other indegenous peoples? Hmmmm. Many of the Malys are desscendants of the so called ""Orang Asli". Malaysia is part of that wide body of land and water referred to as the Malay Archipelago. The fact the Europeans divided these territories into separate states does not make them non indigenous. If The Chinese and other Pendatangs had not cleared the forests in hich the Orang Alsi lived, they would not have migrated to the settlements and cities.

Babas anbd Nyonyas are like the Anglo Idnias. Monuments to colonial adultery possessing the virtues of neither but the vices of both. Being Baba dos not give them any right above the rights the Malays are prepared to extend to them. The informed and empowered Malays of today.

No Yap Ah Loy types of fiction supported by the British just as the British did with Pendatangs in all their colonies wherever they went. It is a dawn you must face. This light you see at the end of the tunnel is not the light of day you dreamed of. Its the light of a fast moving Malay express train. A train that signals the change of an era. Time to get out of the way or perish in its wake.

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Sounds like, like the Babas, some pretenders usurp the "Malay identity" (whatever the heck that's supposed to mean) Still doesn't tell me how the others can become Orang Aslis while the Orang Aslis are not even token "Malays", maybe via some bollocks called "special rights".

Frankly, "special rights" appear to be some kind of convenient interpretation of what tosh the old colonialists manufactured for a bunch of lackeys the colonialists concocted to perpetuate their hold on to Malaya.

Good job the "Malays" in Sarawak and Sabah do not shag off "special rights" about anything, they certainly don't whine for apartheid anything.

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'malays will turn Malaysia into a malay story'

Now that's the point, isn't it? It's a despicable racist attempt considering the fact that Malaysia is of multi racial. It's a wonder too how a 'Gopal Raj Kumar' can approve such a racist attempt without a sense of contempt.

The Malays were around when tin was discovered. They were around when rubber became a prime commodity. But the tin mine and the rubber estates took workers elsewhere, many from the Bharati continent the origin of 'Gopal Raj Kumar'. Why?

Today, how many trades do they do by their own hands? How many 'tukang' are they good at? They chinese left many trades due to their systematic and persistent political persecution, but where the chinese left, they do not fill in the void. The shops are left empty, the businesses left vacant, except some being filled up by Rohingya, Bangladesh, Pakis, Burmese, and even Nepalese.

There are woods but they are not carpenters. They are not blacksmiths. They run airlines till it grounded. They took what the British left such as railways and bankrupted the companies a few times. Felda needs rescuing yearly, their settlers' debt written off billions after billions.

Malacca lasted only one hundred years. They surely will prosper in the hereafter at a place beneath which river flows, but right now even in certain states they live with 3G satisfactorily.

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Some people are just plainly useless at anything but whining and moaning and shagging themselves stupid about "special rights" which have been grabbed for a good long time with only kaput sorry results to boast about.

I'll say without the Chinese and Indians to produce good tax money, Malaysia would be just another failed state.

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Thiss is about the Malays reclaining their history. Not retaining that of the Chinese, Indians or Europeans. That too is because they want to re claim their history over whats been imposed on them.

Your arguments have as much validty as the British claims to having brought the English language and the railways to wherever it is they went to as some form of enlightened despotism. The Malays did not ask the Chinese or British to come over and build roads or railways or Lee Rubber buildings for them. The Chinesse ventured there in search of prosperity awway from their decripit and violent desease ridden, poverty stricken feduaal societies. Then too they prospered with the help of of the British both of them uninvited opportunists at tthe eexpeensse of the Malays.

The Porrtuguese published diaagramss and maps of Malay townships wwhen they arrived in Malacca to show well designed and planned urban centres unlikee whaat the British spawned in liees as they did whereever they went.

It is not as if Britain brought the English languagee, Roads and Railways to their colonies as some kind of expression of their enlightened despotism. It was in fact the need for the transportation of goods and services they plundered from these places andd not to develop the local people, the Malays.

Chinese women as they are historically known for supplied the British with an outlet for their lust, pimped by their own people for a profit whilst the British returned that hospitality with opium to addict the profit seeking Chinese opportunists with a capacity to work till they dropped.

Your analogies will make Hitler proud. Arbeicht machtt Frei. You celebrate someething you ought to be ashamed of. History is not what the victor writes. It is what you discovere from your own knowledge.

Speaking for countriess likee India and China, tthey had a cculture long beforee Britain was civilized. They have sought out and corrected Britains viewss and distortions of their respective


Of people like you and the mentality thats so deeply ingrained in your warped minds, it is no wonder that all of South East Asia disallows the public display of yyour language, characters, cultural icons and anything else that is Chinese. Singapore and Malayssia are the only excceptions to that rule. It is what civilized nations do to locust plagues.

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"Your analogies will make Hitler proud. Arbeicht machtt Frei."

Hitler did not have any monopoly on Protestant work ethics. Read your Weber. Nothing wrong with the Chinese who have a healthy respect for hard work. It's fine by me if it's all about money, parasitic lazy entities love money too - especially when others provide that.

Nothing wrong with Protestant work ethics, good work ethics is what makes the industrial world go round, and produce the tax to feed the lazy groaning and whining parasitic wonders who also love the industrial world. Hundreds of thousands of the chosen wander into the lovely Western industrial world each year to benefit from what, for instance, their Stone Age religion can't give them. That includes whatever hopefully relieves their "big sexual cravings", the moment they set foot on Western soil, they mount anything two-legged and four-legged including tables.

Then their women go out to slave around in between being thumped by their men. While the chivalrous men laze about and collect dole money and groan and moan for more...

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History is not made through renaming of roads and structures, much less roads and structures built by other people centuries ago and had been named by its owner as such.

History once attributes Kuala Lumpur's development to Yap Ah Loy, who was a Kapitan. This history used to be told in all school history textbooks, but not anymore. The character was conveniently changed to Tengku Kudin. That's an act of 'reclaiming history' like what you said, but an act devoid of historical account. And, subsequently Tengku Kudin was found to be embarrassing because he's a Selangor guy, so the latest person to be filled in is Abdullah Hukum, that guy near TM's building.

That's not all. The textbook used to teach that Munshi Abdullah was 'Bapa Kesasteraan Melayu'. Not anymore, it has been wiped out from records because he was said to be of Bharati origin and not exactly Malay.

But a true blood malay may not be so secure, after all. Tun Sri Lanang, the guy who wrote Sulalatus Salatin, or in Romanic letters, Sejarah Melayu, was once praised to have written one of a handful of books in the five hundred years of malay history. The book is not to be mentioned now, because Tun Sri Lanang was accused of being a Dutch spy, set out to distort the Malay history.

How many bookstores can you find in Malaysia? Times, Popular, MPH are closed. Before they were closed, how many books are there that's historical texts written about malay in the past? The history was not written so that anyone can tell one to suit their need, from time to time of course.

That's how you hear that Himalaya was a Malay Mountain, Ancient Phoenicians are the origin of malay people, and some professors claimed that the Malay people had been of monotheism religion even before islam was introduced to them. You can easily google the source.

Unlike the Malays, chinese keep historical records throughout the entire time. As for malacca, there's extensive records since the Ming Dynasty about the people, rulers and cultures of the people here, including their clothing which was stated as only sarongs and bare body.

When bullshits are told, there's reference. The British, too, wrote many records about the Malays and their cultures. Such as R O Winstedt, he was a master of malay language who wrote not only history but the Malay shamans' secrets. All that the Malays did to his work is not preservation but disrespectfully disregard his works accusing him of trying to distort their great history.

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The renaming of streets and other public monuments and places is "not neccessarily an act of destruction of Malaysia's national heritage". It is an event that has occurrred or is occuring in most countries where foreigners have, and univited, taken over, colonized countries and changed the landscape, destroying the real heritage of the people they have colonized.

What is occuring in places like Malaysia (and India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) gradually is the renaming of streets, buildings, townships, cities and institutions to reclaim their heritage by removing any semblance of an unwelcome, unwanted and painful past they need to forget. It may seem like the destruction of "their" heritage. But it isn't really is it? Wong Ah Jang is as alien to Malays as Crawford is to Indians. Once they've removed any reminder of their colonial past, the fog clears and they are able to appreciate what is truly their own and be themselves again.

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Malaysia is different from India. The 'renaming' onslaught does not involved anything originally built or belonging to the Malays. The colonial government built the roads and they named the roads, that's history. History cannot be changed. There are buildings, old shops that gathering at the main parts of the many cities and towns that were built by the chinese. You can buy the Lee Rubber building and cover the chinese character with, say, 'Great Bharati Mansion' etc but would that make the history changed?

What more the words are written in Romanic letters, as taught by the colonials?

By the way, what was the Malay language originally written in? Sanskrit? Tamil? Arabic? Why not make us all proud by using all original malay letters? Greater still, find one building or structure or bridge or road or railway or any man made permanently built shelter that's originally built by the Malays, for the Malays, and from the Malay resources, for God's sake, and see if it really exists, whether its name was changed by the colonial power. If there is one, the 'renaming' would be meaningful, otherwise what they are doing is exactly what a bad colonial power would do to its colony.

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"semblance of an unwelcome, unwanted and painful past they need to forget"

That could mean capitulating and colluding with the Japanese.

And could mean too, capitulating and colluding with the British.

Just my opinion, I don't know what the Orang Aslis think of their Malay invaders...

Or what Rashid Mahideen thought of the Japs and the Brits.

I know the Ibans, Bidayuhs, Punans, Penans, Dusuns, Kadazans, Malays etc think of the Malays from Malaya as fcuking bloodsucking parasites and pain in the butt colonialists...

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An erudite expression of intellectual capacity. Keep it coming.

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Sure, thanks!

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So too was Yap Ah Loy. I was thrilled and somewhat disappointed when I had the opportunity in the 1980's to have visited the British Malaya National Archives in England with a colleague of mine at the LSE at the time.

Going through documents it was quite clear the British were contemptuous of thee Chinese and their "leaders" likee Yap Ah Loy who is described as a ruthless, merciless thug. A triad warlord with no scruples, no respect for human life nor property nor the law who used violence and intimidation to amass a fortune.

The Chinese had become such a nuisance and a menace to the British and Malay people they brought in the Indian troops to deal with them. Having done that they noticed how the Chinese went uderground. Non cooperation and subterfuge. Intimidation that ensured the silence of their communities.

So all this baloney of them developing the country as some sort of benevolent act is nonsense. They haven't changed much at all. The Malays have every moral and legal right to redeeem their pre Chinese Triad past.

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Please provide titles of the documents, I am in Europe very often, have great access everywhere too.

And have lots of colleagues at the LSE, none of them students..

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"British were contemptuous of thee Chinese"

Why's the Brits view of the Chinese of any importance, eh?

Don't think the Chinese were particularly hard up for the Guailos' approval.

The Brits thought the "Malays" were "lazy" and can "run amuck" dash around with a parang and hack everyone in the way on a fine hot sunny afternoon when all the proletariat, mad dogs and Englishmen were out.

One doesn't and shouldn't depend on them white uncles for divisive colonial opinions and behave like fcuking lemmings accordingly so that the colonial order runs smoothly, one should use one's tauhu in the head and make one's own mess.

It may be out of the usual our monkeys (nice colonial term) were left to run the country when the massahs repackaged the colonies (neocolonialism and "Malaysia") and got their pliant proxy monkeys to lord it over for them.

And man, did the proxy monkeys make a glorious muck of it for themselves and all..!

"Colonialism" by the Chinese and Indians of course not as good as colonialism by the white man, you tell by the gigantic amounts spent on wonderful whitening products to turn them black and brown ones to beautiful white...

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There is no race called "Malay". Malay-ness is a social/political definition. Any person who professes Islam and has the lifestyle and habits of a Malay(whatever it is) is a Malay. But look at the Malays. Most are from Indonesia, some from India, some from Cambodia, some from Philippines, and even China.There is no Malay civilisation as such because they come from such diverse origins. Maybe in a few hundred years a Malay culture and civilisation will evolve. Until then what passes as Malay culture/civilisation is Islam based. All the archaeological findings point to the fact that 'non Malays' were present in this country centuries ago. So their descendants should also be called Malays.

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Sep 27, 2023·edited Sep 28, 2023

"There is no race called "Malay" "

Indeed so.

Why does a supposed supremacist "race" with a poorly hatched myth as "history" need to turn to a Western colonial type and "anthropologist" (whatever tf that is), German at that, to tell them what "Malays" are?

Ain't that a rather sick joke?

Fancy that, prior to the "discovery" of the "Malays" by a white man, "Malays" have been wandering around in their leaf skirts and an i/c that leaves the race space as "Duh?"

To this day, apart from half-baked washout Bolehland "scholars and researchers" very very few others even bother look at the "Malay race" much. Further, "race" itself is a construct with bollocks as "scientific" basis all just like the idea the sun sets in a puddle of murky water, wtf!

Only in Bolehland we get some weird people staring at their navel and struggling to make themselves into some wondrous creation somehow wan up in everything and excelling at making themselves some kind of holy immigration officers with the sole aim of categorising themselves as "God's chosen" and with colonialist-blessed supposed "special rights" to make some meaning for their sad lives..!

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" Maybe in a few hundred years a Malay culture and civilisation will evolve."

Then again, maybe not.

We may just have pretend Arabs while the real Arabs move on, even dismantle their religion, haven't they just shafted aside the Hadith? And we ain't got enough wallahs with a decent command of Arabic to tell the real McAlis how to be Arabs.

The Big Woman up the Sky even says no need to go through the bother of even be any Muslim, She would send someone who would preach in the language or guttural of the patch of land that's struggling with Arabic. Since no one has been sent there's no point dressing up as Arab and attempting to speak or read Arabic, you'll just look silly billies.

Now calm down, stop playing holy comics, let me buy you a round of camel urine. Anyone for oink cracklings then?

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What does it matter what name is on a road? Bolehlanders don't read and can't read signs. Worse than that, they don't want to read the signs either. And that's assuming they can read - which many can't. Where a great many can't read, what's the point of giving our majority dirt tracks any name. Worse still if those who are not keen on history do not gives a monkey on who's the hero and who's the villain.

Still, one can be sure once Old Snake kicks the bucket, his name would spring up on every road every town overnight.

Most Bolehland roads don't have signs which, most likely have been paid for but somehow the money disappeared.

The best way to deal with what names to give roads is to give each at least three names after each of the biggest races. Or do what the advanced Orang Aslis do call them tracks or trails, track to the river, track to town, and so on. Or name them like on records, track1, track 2... but that may be a problem for those who are poor in maths - like the majority of the country.

Bolehland is full of geniuses, each Bolehlander would have driven all over the place and even Thailand many times over and they still don't know their wtf names those roads have.

Even when they do know the names of the roads, nobody can say them in a way the next person may. Bolehlander should learn the names in at least three languages Malay, Chinese, Tamil. You'll know what I mean when you get in a taxi and the driver only does his own speak, and the passenger does his own version of another tongue: "Yah lah! Chalan Doongu Atoo Lah Man lah, haiyaah wai yoo soh stewpeed donn understand me one?!

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Definitely by design.

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History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth.

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Not necessarily true.

Always depends on whose "history".

Obvious innit?

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And the joke of it all, Jalan Birch was renamed Jalan Maharaja Lela. When I studied History, Birch was the good guy and Maharaja Lela was his killer. Now, of course, Mahatajalela is the hero.

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"Now, of course, Mahatajalela is the hero."

He was, and is.

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