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At this stage and given the winners of the latest general elections in Thailand have a direct nexus to the Shinawatra siblings (who ruled Thailand and absconded with significant amounts of state money), the army will not be pursuing any direct confrontation with the government elect of Thailand.

The Army will instead work towards building a head of steam, that will serve to discredit and split the electorate as a means of undermining the government elect and under writing and building support for the legitimacy of any coup they will instigate.

Considering Thailand's strategic position in a highly unstable part of the world, the US and other western nations including those in south east Asia like Singapore (who rely on US and other western support), criticism or support of moves by the army against this new the elected government is likely to be muted.

The army still has the power of veto which it can exercise from the senate if it does not engage in an outright military coup. The King is likely to give his support to the army as the monarchy has always done.

In this particular era post King Bhumipol, the monarchy itself is under threat by the new government in waiting. Logic indicates the King will tilt towards the army in any move the army makes. Self preservation is the key.

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