The current government is led by dap in terms of its influence in the government.

Dap also has the support of umno who has to prioritise no ketuanan melayu as required by dap.

The cabinet led by dap advises raja raja melayu which must be followed.

Hence dap has the full support of pmx,umno and raja raja melayu.

Dap is majority chinese which dominate wealth creation almost in its entirety.

Dap will ensure the economy stays vibrant and with its secular and no ketuanan melayu ideology, malaysia is poised to recover and continue to do so.


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Comprehensive article by the author. However ZBB is not as easy as you may think. Without proper system and expert to handle ZBB, they company will face more problem. If Malaysia truly what to embrace ZBB, we should have better system that produce individual that have proper ZBB experience and expertise. However, current situation will make ZBB hard to be implemented.

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