"New Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad quickly losses credibility". In the headline. THE HEADLINE. As we say in Malaysia, mak hang belen. You're an incompetent moron. And you losssedededed your credibility long ago.

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Medical toxicologists are physicians who have completed a fellowship in toxicology. Typically, fellows will have completed a residency in emergency medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, or preventive medicine. Doc did all that.

However, he is also a doctor who is keen to change the smoking habit of next gen and to prevent the spread of covid. His mission is to keep malaysians healthy.

Tq doc and welcome back.

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"smoking habit of next gen and to prevent the spread of Covid"

Apparently, smoking seems to keep Covid at bay...

While smokers not wiped out by Covid are around to create the next and future generations, they also smoke to finance the health services through the heavy tobacco taxes.

I would worry more, if I were asked about saving Malaysia, deal with issues more important than Covid, smoking, like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, lack of interest or disinterest in health issues; chronic stupidity, serious ignorance, etc.

But why bother about anything, our dangerously mentally retarded politicians can do nothing, lie back, open their backsides and let the WHO, WEF, etc inject doses of wisdom into them, Alhamdullilah!

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Why is health minister wallah dressed like he's rushing off to a tropical beach to suck turtle eggs to embarrass tourist chief the Tiong fellow?

At least Dzul should consult the PM wallah about dress sense, PM always looks da man with his shirts chosen by his bhai from the plantations.

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Don't forget you can be given blank shots, shots for vaccine - only without the vaccine...

You can get this magic from a gomen of smart politicians - all without the tauhu in their tiny heads, Praise Be, Alhamdullilah!

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