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Where do entrepreneurial opportunities come from?

Book Review: In search of the infinite: A meditator’s journey of spiritual discovery

The five types of thinking we use

The distillation of essential oils Part 1

What Makes a Personal Care Company Successful?

PBM’s ‘Great Reset’ narrative needs deeper scrutiny

Short-sighted race organizers hindering the development of Thailand as a runners’ destination

Helping Consumers Make the Choice

Many Thai sex workers say they are happy in their Jobs

No room for "Asian" management paradigms in Asian business schools?

From start up to international in just one step

Floods expose catastrophic failure in public policy

Finding the right oil

Sarawak State Election: GPS landslide is more than just an election victory

Does Intrapreneurship exist in Asia?

Alternatives To The Great Reset

The Origin of Natural Aromatic Materials

Australian kesom oil - A new essential oil for the flavour and fragrance industry

A Framework for New Essential Oil Development

Indonesia's New Capital: A New Nusantarian Era?

Elderly Villager Arrests Backfire on Thai Government

The emerging halal cosmetic and personal care market

How the Malay elite hijacked Malaysia

The Emerging Cosmetic & Personal Care Cottage Industry in Thailand

The Challenge to Malaysia's Malay Supremacy Narrative

How we see the world around us

Skills, personal competencies and enterprise capabilities throughout the organization lifecycle

New Business Ideas No. 16: The Dim Sim or dimmy

New Business Ideas No. 15: Making your own music label

New Business Ideas No. 14: Freshwater Yabbies

How Ketuanan Melayu became an ideology of greed

There is no such person as an entrepreneur, just a person who acts entrepreneurially

The Evolution of Business Strategy

The Rise of Community and Micro Enterprises in Thailand’s Deep South

Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities: What’s wrong with SWOT?

New Business Ideas No. 13: That "superfood" Tempeh

Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm

How Running Meditation Can Enhance Performance

A typology of entrepreneurial opportunity

Perpetual self conflict: finding true nature

The personal paradigm approach to understanding the nature of entrepreneurs

New Business Ideas No. 12: The growing up-market stall food trend in Asia - Mobile Pizza

New Business Ideas No. 11: Kek lapis (Layered Cake)

Emotional Attachment

Dependent origination as a natural governing law

Dependent origination as a natural governing law

New Business Ideas No. 10: Taking a new approach to "birdsnest"

The plight of academic freedom in Malaysia

New Business Ideas No. 9: Make your own natural fine fragrances

Pakatan Harapan has to radically change just to survive

Enriching the Sustainability Paradigm

The struggle between two visions of Malaysia

The Zimbabwization of Malaysia

A 'Malaysian Malaysia' through a reformist's eyes

New Business Ideas No. 8: The Gourmet Pie

Pakatan Harapan: On recapturing Putra Jaya

How culture creates and transfers entrepreneurial and innovative potential

New Business Ideas No. 7: Fast food Sausage meal

Is it time for Air Asia to reinvent itself?

Thailand: International Tourism May Take Years to Recover

Malaysia in crisis: political instability and feelings of hopelessness

Repressive Regulation is Doing Irreparable Damage to the Nation

The Dark Forces Changing Malaysian Society

Asia-Pacific at the Crossroads - The Implications for Australian Strategic Defense Policy

My Say: A new economic paradigm for Malaysia’s multiple challenges

Australia's National Security Paper: Did it amount to lost opportunities?

Australia in the "Asian Century" or is it Lost in Asia?

2022 Budget Racially Configured, Election Targeted

The immorality of Victoria's prostitution laws

The great Australian defence strategy delusion

Australia's tsunami of the aged

Mid Life Crisis and Transition

Building Meaningful Brands

Fifty years of the New Economic Policy (NEP) hasn’t worked

What fragrance tells us about personality

Malaysia’s 12th Plan: In search of a realistic new socio-economic strategy

My Say: Reset the 12MP’s approach to poverty

Why Malaysian Universities Are Performing Poorly

Are Buddhist Dharma Practices an Alternative to Seeing a Therapist?

Revitalizing manufacturing enterprise in the post-industrial void

ASEAN: Missed Opportunities

Looking for New Breakthrough Products in Personal Care

A Perceptual-Cognition Map

12th Plan: Cross Examining its Poverty Measurements, Policies and Programmes

Cognitive Traps: Heuristics, Bias, Misconceptions, Fallacies and Abstract Inferences

Defence Mechanisms

No one party can rule after GE15

A Short History of Business and Entrepreneurial Evolution during the 20th Century

Opposition take-up issue of government ban on Malaysian’s undertaking farm work in Australia

Australian government should reconsider country’s security

Australia’s New ASEAN Farm Worker Visa Hits Snag from Malaysia

Malaysia needs to look at its own sources of haze generation first

Same old mistakes in 12MP, but few solutions

Foreign experts commented on the creation of the AUKUS trilateral partnership

New Business Ideas No. 6: Enzyme based energy drink

Did the Nobel Prize Committee awarded the 2012 Peace Prize to the EU against the Nobel Foundation Charter and sentiments of Alfred Nobel himself?

Australia's Guantanamo in Nauru - Both sides of politics appear to be guilty of human rights violations

How emotions influence how we see the world

New Business Ideas No. 5: Baked potatoes

Malaysia introducing Harsh New Equity Restrictions

Symptoms of a dirty business

New Business Ideas No. 4: "Veggie" Burgers

Local currency may protect against financial crises, flight of capital

Malaysia Introducing National Biometric Database Registry

Who owns corporate Australia?

Humanity Beware!

The Financialization of the Art World and the Cannibalization of Creativity

Walking under a ladder: Superstition and ritual as a cognitive bias in management decision making

Malaysia: Corruption Cripples Healthy SMEs

Bumiputera equity rule highlights catastrophe in public policy

Debunking the value of a PhD

Has the intelligence community compromised 'Australia in the Asian Century'?

New Business Ideas No. 3: Sushi at the Pasar Malam

New Business Ideas No. 2: "Banh Mi" Roast Meat Baguettes

New Business Ideas No. 1: Rolled Ice Cream

The Stages of Economic Development from an Opportunity Perspective: Rostow Extended

The Wheel of Samsara as descriptive dysfunctional organizational typologies

Whither Malaysia: Sabah and Sarawak

Sea Shepherd: eco-terrorists or the front line to protect social justice?

Why Pakatan Doesn’t Deserve To Be The Federal Government

Australia needs to reconsider the acquisition of nuclear weapons

An Islamic Approach to Business & Organization

Developing natural products and new value chains in Kelantan while maintaining cultural integrity: What, How and For Whom?

Developing natural products and new value chains in Kelantan while maintaining cultural integrity: What, How and For Whom?

Obama: Desperately seeking legacy

Can the AEC be a success?

Can Bersatu survive the next general election?

Malaysia’s Bodek Culture

What's with all the hype - a look at aspirational marketing

AFP using hacking software from group aiding human rights abusing nations

Was Bob Carr a spy?

What Pakatan Harapan must do to win Government

Trump’s ‘spoiler’ campaign for the Clintons turning into fierce feud for US Presidency

The Pell Acquittal Exposes Australia’s Kangaroo Court System

A Merdeka Reflection

Why we should care about Julian Assange

Kamala Harris' hollow visit to South-East Asia

How bureaucracies are edging closer to dominate societies

The myth of the business plan

Do Confucian Principled Businesses Exist in Asia?

From Europe, to the US, Japan, and onto China: The evolution of the automobile

Europe: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue

How Afghanistan will influence geo-politics in the region

Foreign Infiltration into the Australian Public Service

How motivation really works

The war on whistle-blowers

Malaysia gets a reconstituted Perikatan Nasional government

The arrival of petroleum; Rockefeller, and the lessons he taught us

Are Thai banks ripping off consumers?

Muhyiddin’s resignation deepens Malaysia’s political crisis

Biden’s South-East Asia Doctrine

Not all opportunities are the same: A look at the four types of entrepreneurial opportunity

Malaysian Premier Stages Daring Move to Stay in Power

On Some of the Misconceptions about Entrepreneurship

On Some of the Misconceptions about Entrepreneurship

Do we have a creative intelligence?

The Reality of Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Is the MACC just a political tool?

Australia-China Relationship Chills

The forgotten issues of climate change

Who is Anwar Ibrahim?

Mahathir’s Shattered Legacy

Rethinking Australia’s Defense and Security

Lessons from the Invention of the airplane and the Beginning of the Aviation Era

Buyer Beware in the Malaysian Franchise Industry

There is corruption on all sides of politics

Narrative has become more important than the truth

One Man, Multiple Inventions: The lessons and legacies of Thomas Edison

The New Rules of Running for the Over 50s

Vocational Education: A new driver for economic diversity in ASEAN?

Dual Pricing for running events is sports racism

The Over 50s Running Revolution in Asia

Panda Politics and the Thai Home Food Delivery Industry

Singapore’s Retirement Dilemma

The ugly side of running in Thailand: Age category doping

Malaysia needs to avoid becoming a lockdown loser

Thailand’s new international gateway U-Tapao set to spur growth

Why Kuala Lumpur could be on its way to becoming the sex capital of Asia

DMCA abuse: how corporations are using US copyright law to harass and silence individuals

The Golden Age of UMNO is on the Wane

Can Sabah, Sarawak, and Semenanjung Really Form a Nation?

Sarawak Reenacts Independence from Britain 50 years Ago

Asia’s Air Transport Industry in Crisis

Thailand and the expatriate experience

Geo–cultural strategy for Eurasia

Malaysia’s underground student prostitution industry

Widening class division in Thailand

People tend to start businesses for the wrong reasons

Why Business Schools within ASEAN are "Second Class"

The emergence of a new patrimonial art

Reinventing Asia’s Tourism Sector

Entrepreneurship as a Means to Create Islamic Economy

Australia Opens Gate for Asean Agriculture Workers

Muslim Australia and the search for a solution to the “War on Terror”

The Black Market Economy

The Malay Polity: Total disconnect with the Rakyat

Redefining innovation to alleviate graduate unemployment

The growing gender imbalance in higher education: Where have all the boys gone?

Singapore’s Controversial Internal Security Act (ISA)

The Malay Search for ‘Dignity’

The danger of climate change evangelism

Islamic education’s desperate plight in Southern Thailand

Who Really Rules Australia? - Donald Horne revisited

Finding a new level of democratic empowerment in Malaysia: The village consultative committee

The professor as a pretender

Higher Education is Not What it Was Before Say Dons

Muhyiddin’s new tool to shore up power: University Boards

Changing the economic paradigm through developing community enterprises in rural areas

Undercover of National Security

What should be in Malaysia’s White Paper on defense

Malaysian Halal Abuses Alleged in Oz Abattoirs

Malaysia’s Halal Crisis

UMNO-PAS will win the next general election

The curse of feudalism

Bringing Muslims Back to Islam

Crisis, Pain, and Political Instability in Malaysia

Sexual harassment is rampant in Malaysian universities

Malaysia Faces Youth Unemployment Crisis

Alleged Financial and operational Irregularities at MUIS

Forget politics, focus on what needs to be done

Covid-19 Likely to Accelerate a Business Environment Revolution

Islamic Assault on Malaysia’s Higher Education

Malaysia’s past damns its future

Thailand’s Tourism Sector Struggles to Rebound

The Dominance of “Western” Management Theories in South-East Asian Business Schools

‘Tawhidic-Singularity’ as a New Philosophy of Islam

Natural Building as a Community Game Changer

Why Malaysian university research still has a long way to go

Rampant academic dishonesty in Malaysia

More Abuses Alleged in Singapore Islamic Body

Closet Christians in Malaysia: Proselytism or politics?

Where is Saudi Arabian Society Heading?

Anatomy of Malaysian Corruption: The State Level

What’s in a PhD?

How Malaysia Became a Kleptocracy

Singapore Electoral Results Present the Opposition a Golden Opportunity

Why there is no academic freedom in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Border Problems

Quantum Islam: Towards a New Worldview

Is a National Unity Government Possible?

A Critical Essay on Islamic Freedom in ASEAN

Singapore’s Malay Dilemma

Thailand’s Deep South Part 5: The Phantom Insurgency

The Plight of the Orang Asli

Thailand’s Deep South Part 4: The Surveillance State

Is Singapore Western Intelligence's 6th Eye?

Thailand’s Deep South Part 3: Optimism Despite Spike in Violence, Covid Crisis

Malaysia’s Massive Foreign Worker Dependency

Thailand’s Deep South Part 2: The Changing Nature of the Insurgency

Thailand’s Deep South Part 1: Cultural Evolution During the Conflict

Dharma Art of Suan Moke, Chaiya, Surat Thani, Thailand

Resetting Higher Education: Returning to the Community

Malaysia’s Planners See Yet Another Mirage

Free Speech Dying in Malaysia

A new vision for Malaysia (Part 2)

A new vision for Malaysia (Part 1)

Overhauling Malaysia’s Democracy

Documents Allege Corruption in Malaysia’s Halal Certification Process

Malaysia’s Pakatan Harapan: History’s Blip

Cabals, Feudalism, and Apartheid: Will these institutions damn Malaysia's future prosperity?

Medical Malpractice Nightmare in Malaysia

Molestation and Sexual Abuse in Malaysia's Islamic Schools

Malaysia’s Grandiose Education Ambitions a Mess

Incest, rape and pedophilia in the Malay Heartlands

Malaysia’s Public Universities Falling Behind

Malaysia’s Lagging Agriculture Sector

Asia's Dirty Halal Business

Malaysian Civil Service’s Cancerous Culture

Patients betrayed: Malaysian Medical Council Protects its Own

Malaysia’s Monarchy Re-Emerges

Petronas: Malaysia’s Ailing Financial Lifeline

Malaysian Regimes Change, Public Policy No

The Collapse of Malaysian Private Universities (updated)

Depressing Déjà vu for Malaysia’s Narcotics Nightmare

Fear, Lost Hopes, and Thailand’s Milocracy

Malaysia’s Sarexit Nightmare (updated)

Book Review: Grandma’s Gangsta Chicken Curry and Gangsta Stories from My Hippie Sixties, by Azly Rahman, Penguin Books, 272 pages.

Malaysia’s Looming Food and Water Catastrophe

Malaysia desperately needs a new national narrative

Islamic State’s appeal in Malaysia

Corruption, Privilege, and Retribution in Malaysia

Malaysian Foreign Worker Exploitation: Dark Legacy of Slavery

Malaysia’s Democratic Charade

Animism is alive and well in Malaysia: what can we learn?

Power and Corruption within Malaysia’s Leadership

Do Asian Management Paradigms Exist? A look at four theoretical frames. Part 2

Do Asian Management Paradigms Exist? A look at four theoretical frames. Part 1

Malaysia’s New Political Normal

The Shocking Truth About MH370

Malaysia’s GLCs: Development Tools or Corruption Vehicles?

The Psychosis of Organizations: A Continuum

The Failed Promise of Malaysia’s New Economic Policy

Poverty: Malaysia’s Hidden Crisis

Imagination may be more important than knowledge: The eight types of imagination we use.

GE15: The Coming Battle for the Malay Heartland

Whither the EU Spring?

Malaysia’s Stolen Democracy: Local Government

BOOK REVIEW: Hidden Scorpion by Warren Reed

Islamic Radicalism Blossoms in a Rural Malaysian State.

Is it Time for a Bhikkhuni Sangha in Thailand?

Malaysia: Permanent Ethnic Malay Polity

Curing Malaysia’s National Psychosis

Is Singapore's Cadre System responsible for a groupthink culture?

Malaysia’s Deep State Part 5: Ketuanan Melayu

Malaysia’s Deep State Part 4: The Civil Service

Malaysia’s Deep State Part 3: The Islamists

Malaysia’s Deep State Part 2: The Monarchy

Malaysia’s Deep State Part 1: The Special Branch

How Australia Spies On its Own Citizens

Who makes public policy in Malaysia?

Who rules Singapore?

The Islamization Of Thailand

A review of issues within SE Asia, from both my past and contemporary writing