Sitemap - 2023 - Murray Hunter

Special Mention: US influence in the coming state elections

Special Mention 2023: Malaysia’s hidden pandemic


Malaysia sets sights on tycoon Mirzan Mahathir, son of former prime minister as graft crackdown expands

#1 most read 2023: A scandal many magnitudes greater than 1MDB

Embracing ethics at every step when we think of 'Halal'

Environmentalism is on a collision course with climate change activism

The Malay elite is just a cozy little club

Vladimir Putin's letter to the world

#2 most read 2023: Dr Noor Hisham admitted he was aware of the risk of death from the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine before it was rolled out

Anwar's use of the word 'keling' exposes racial stereotyping

#3 most read 2023: Dark clouds over Malaysia’s economic horizon

Review of Pendatang: Was it fantasy or a window into a near reality?

The dark side of the Obama presidency

Daim Zainuddin - Sex, business, and how he became so RICH!

Malaysia's direct trade with Israel

#4 most read in 2023: Disaster in Saudi Arabia

The informal sector is the Achilles heel of the Malaysian economy

A short documentary about Joe Biden Part 2:

Why did Abdul Hadi Awang refuse the opportunity to create a Malay unity government and further develop Islam in Malaysia?

#5 most read articles of 2023: Emerging Malaysian Chinese self-identity

A short documentary about Joe Biden Part 1

Sirul still waiting for his millions? But what has he done with the thousands he has received?

Has Malaysia been sold into a state of neo-colonialism?

#6 most read article 2023: Mapping out the deep state

Dzulkefly’s one-dimensional approach to Covid-19

Will Indonesia outperform Malaysia?

An explanation of Palestine

How the MCMC is outsourcing censorship

#7 most popular read 2023: Noor Hisham’s private cyber army

May 2019: Land transferred to Johor sultan two days after 'consenting' to RTS realignment.

Unherd: How lockdowns broke Britain

High Court in landmark ruling deprives Malaysian's basic human rights

#8 most read Article 2023: Malaysia’s Top Ten Enemies of the State

New Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad quickly losses credibility

MRCB’s attempt to silence critics during the Selangor state election is thrown out by the High Court

#9 most read article 2023: Who hijacked the Shah Alam Stadium tender process?

New Mirror site for my Substack

Who is sovereign, the parliament or monarchy?

Anwar’s cabinet reshuffle lacks any inspiration

Tok Mat has been a naughty boy!

The rehabilitation of Alex Jones

#10 most read article in 2023: Farewell Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham

Who Rules Malaysia? Its not the Malays anymore

Some ideas on transforming the nature of the Malaysian economy

The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) land bridge has potential competitive advantage over Thailand’s KRA project

Another WEF corporation scores massive contract from Madani government

Malaysia’s new digital ID system disturbingly shaped by WEF

The fallacies of ‘green energy’

Landslide win for PAS in Kemaman

Anwar is trying to destroy Bersatu before GE16

Has Dr Zaliha Mustafa has committed treason?

Where to Malaysia?

How long can the lid be kept on?

Can reconstituted multiracial political parties rescue Malaysia from the dark forces

Johor to set up rehab centre for LGBTQ people

Anwar's fruitful visit to Sadao Thailand

Sirul, Mary Ann Jolley, Dhasnal, Simon & RM17 juta. Kachang lupa kan kulit!

Why there must be a Royal Commission into the murder of Altantaya Shaariibuu

Johor PKR chapter suggests that teachers who don’t support the government be monitored

Internet Censorship Update: Blocking of website

Press Statement: Auditor-General’s Report 2022: Massive losses in public projects reaffirm major need for government accountability

Murder in Malaysia: Interview with Sirul Azhar Umar - 101 East

PMX’s policies are merely a continuance of what he did as DPM in the 80s and 90s

The January 6 narrative is breaking apart

The Osama Bin Laden “Letter to the American people”

KWSP builds closer links with WEF affiliates

Guest Editorial: Why are seafood prices high and fishermen poor

Reforming the Malaysian Special Branch

The Media is being trashed by one-sided pro-government material

Defining Reformasi

Malaysia’s clandestine censorship and suppression of free speech

Part Two: Looking for new perspectives of Islam

PPIM sent memorandum to Health Ministry regarding Dr Zaliha's statement regarding WHO IHR deadline

Part One: Looking for new perspectives of Islam

A Tribute to Ramesh Chander

Defections of Bersatu MPs reveal PH’s weak electoral base

Sirul Azhar Umar : Situasi semasa (Current situation)

PRESS STATEMENT: Political Financing Law Urgently Needed to Prevent Fickle MP Loyalties

Signs of a change in government in the wind?

Has Anwar chosen the wrong strategy on Gaza?

Was Razak Baginda acquitted because Musa Safri was not called to testify?

The Malaysian Scorpene Submarine Affair. Reprise

Selamat Pagi Malaysia : MCMC

Altantuya, Sirul, Azilah, Razak Baginda, Bala....let truth prevail!

Hussein Hamid on Sirul Azhar Umar

Syed Saddiq’s sentencing is just too convenient


Zaliha Mustafa is burying her head in the sand over IHR amendments

The real reason why PKR's connection with Liberal International is being covered up

The quiet rejuvenation going on within PAS

Joint media statement by PPIM (Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia), MCH (Malaysian Council for Health) and MAECC (Malaysian Alliance for Effective Covid Control).

Malaysian authorities using Israeli spyware to monitor citizens

Why Did Fahmi Fadzil throw Nurul and Wan Azizah under a bus?

Anwar’s Ketuanan Melayu

PKR will consider taking legal action against malicious parties linking it with Liberal International

Nobody told Wan Azizah that PKR was not a member of Liberal International

PKR's association with Liberal International goes back years

Imagination is more important than knowledge

The tragedy of Rafizi Ramli

The law of relativity

Zaliha Mustafa Minister of Health

Fahmi Fadzil is a liar

Guest Editorial: Want to know more about Anwar? Check his response to threats

Fadhlina Sidek Minister of Education

Growing Madani Totalitarianism?

Madani Government becoming an enemy of the people

UK Covid-19 inquiry: An insight into public policy and administration

Malaysia cannot afford a compromised prime minister

Anwar’s government is in self-destruct mode

Anwar’s Palestine Dilemma

Isn’t Ketuanan Melayu similar to Political Zionism?

Health Minister still considering ceding Malaysia’s sovereignty to the World Health Organization

Solidarity with Palestine in schools? Sick, totally and utterly disgusting! Stop it!

Lessons from history: The rise and fall of Mugabe

Hello Miss Sarawak I Suggest We Introduce More Politics In Schools

In war truth is the first causality: October 7

RT Interview" Macron calls for coalition against Hamas

Guest Editorial: When the data are not in sync

Kanthan farmers eviction in Perak

The changing of the guard in Malaysia’s civil service

Saudi Arabia, Malaysia Issue Joint Statement At End Of PM’s Visit

Is Malaysia becoming a pariah state

UBB: managing investment schemes that appears to be a Ponzi

Murray Hunter Spasmodically blocked in Malaysia

UBB Amanah: Total Funds Managed RM3B to RM5B. Estimated depositors 30K to 40K...and a Tan Sri.

Andrew Bridgen's speech to the British Parliament on excess deaths

Will PAS joining the ‘unity government’ be the final solution for political stability?

Brutal eviction of Kampong Sungai Baru residents

Albanese is creating a feudal-strata within the Aboriginal community

The plight of news portals

The importance of bloggers to Malaysian politics and society

Government pursues WHO agenda in budget

Further use of the Sedition Act for political persecution

Its now a crime to criticize national leaders?

A more of the same budget by the Madani government

Australia’s rejection of “The Voice” is not a throwback of Indigenous Australians

The Day Of Rage – Bringing The War Home

Hezbollah is already in the United States

Something on Hamas from OSTB

Growing Groundswell to Pardon Malaysia’s Najib

Open Letter to the Yang Di-Petuan Agong regarding the International Health Regulations

The stark realities of the Anwar regime

Possible Blocking: Subscribe to Murray Hunter for emailed content to bypass any restrictions

PDF Book: Dependent Origination as a Natural Governing Law

Guest Editorial: Be wary of foreign influence on think tanks, academic institutions

Landowners in Kampong Sungai Baru given eviction notices

Complete Shah Alam sports complex to be demolished next month to make way for commercial development

Watch this film Animal Farm before you vote on “The Voice” referendum

Guest Editorial: Public-funded think tanks must step up to defend national interests

Government policies partly to blame for Malaysia’s looming rice crisis

Albanese is setting back the cause of indigenous Australians

Guest Editorial: PM Anwar Gives Agong ‘Green Light’ On Pardon For Najib

Teacher Absenteeism has profound effects upon students

Lawyers who use defamation laws as weapons for their clients

Development and Marketing Strategies for Local Products of Sarawak

PDF Book: Opportunity, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 2

PDF Book: Opportunity, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 1

Something is rotten at Kledang Saiong Forest Reserve

Development and Marketing Strategies for Local Products of Sarawak

The renaming of Jalan Wong Ah Jang in Kuantan is another link to Malaysia’s heritage lost

Ops Hadir: Malaysia in conjunction with the CIA run operations in the South China Sea

Anwar still intent on selling out Malaysia's sovereignty to the WHO

The economic potential of the SG4

How much integrity exists within the Malaysian Media?

Zahid’s DNAA is just a symptom of a bigger issue

SG4 could bring the biggest change to federal-state relations since federation

Guest Editorial: Scholarship and Activism, A Potent Mix for Reform

Development and Marketing Strategies for Local Products of Sarawak

Back to the streets: This time "Reformati"

Penang CMI may lack the necessary checks and balances for financial prudence

Plans to widen the tax base

NED narrative has turned against Anwar

Teacher Absenteeism: Malaysia’s biggest education problem

Madani like the Taliban is destroying Buddhist temples

A view of Madani democracy

Hidup Katak! The comical antics of Syed Saddiq

Ulterior motives in the political persecution of Tommy Thomas

Guest Editorial: Eastern Promises: Anwar’s Malay-Muslim Dilemma

Development and Marketing Strategies for Local Products of Sarawak

Pfizer Vaccine contract with South African Government released to public

Unity Government heads to comfortable wins in Pulai and Simpang Jeram byelections

Kampong Sungai Baru: When Malay rights give way to big business

Getting to know the Madani government

The Zahid case is not the only funny thing going on within the court system

PRESS STATEMENT: Zahid Hamidi’s DNAA: political expediency and the need to separate the PP and AG

Development and Marketing Strategies for Local Products of Sarawak

How the World Economic Forum (WEF) has penetrated deep into Malaysian politics and government

A tale of two ex-prime ministers

With the ramping up of fearmongering new study reaffirms natural immunity

Press Statement: Appeal to Federal and State government not to proceed with Penang South Reclamation project

Dirty silencing tactics before by-elections

New China map encroaches Malaysian territory

Malaysia’s Top Ten Enemies of the State

News Portal Review: Is the medical news portal Code Blue independent?

Why Azmin Ali will not be an effective opposition leader in Selangor

Critics Fear Malaysia Returning To Dark Days of Press Censorship

INSAN: Is this another pandora’s box about to open?

The introduction of the 40 Hadiths into government schools should be applied to society and economy first

Is PKR in crisis?

Freedom of speech in Malaysia now means being intimidated by the police

Why was the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19 demonized?

Noor Hisham’s private cyber army

Dr Noor Hisham admitted he was aware of the risk of death from the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine before it was rolled out

The Kratom (Ketum) industry in southern Thailand

A letter to the Sultan of Selangor from the Green Party

Apa itu tanah adat?

Book Review: Essential Oils: Art, Agriculture, Science, Industry and Entrepreneurship: a Focus on the Asia-pacific Region by Murray Hunter

Book: Essential Oils: Art, Agriculture, Science, Industry and Entrepreneurship (A focus on the Asia-Pacific region)

Registration: Dr Lim Teck Ghee Scholarship and activism

Expanding the possibilities within climate science

Hope for Resolution of Long-Running Assange Case

Is there really enough evidence to convict Muhyiddin in a court of law?

Guest Op Ed: Anwar Government All-Out War Against ‘Publicly Named’ Enemies

Malaysian State Election Results Mirror 2022 General Election

State election results verses my predictions

Malaysia’s hidden pandemic

Vote for good governance tomorrow

Two sides of the Selangor Maritime Gateway story

Fixing Malaysia’s zombie MSMEs

Casualties of the campaign

Pending crisis for PH-BN in Selangor on Saturday

Listen Listen Listen!!! Have we not progressed even a little bit over the last decade?

Is there anyone to represent the Indian communities?

PRESS STATEMENT: The Penang Fishermen's Association Demands Sustainable Development and Coastal Community Protection from Candidates for the Penang State Election.

Press Statement: Azam Baki ignoring election campaign bribery – dereliction of duty?

A tale of two visitors to Malaysia

The Julian Assange Rejection Should Prompt Australia To Make A New Defence Assessment – OpEd

PMX is curtailing the discretionary powers of the Agong by stealth

US influence in the coming state elections

The political consequences of the coming state elections

Malaysian Medical Council once again denies natural justice to victims of professional misconduct

New Swiss study shows that 1 in 35 people who received the Moderna Covid booster had detectable heart injuries

C4 Center Press Statement: Call for State Election candidates to declare assets

Has Fahmi Fadzil gone rogue?

A Typology of Entrepreneurial Opportunity

A roadmap of your emotional state

Standing in solidarity with activists against violence and intimidation

Domestic terrorism comes to Malaysia

Penang Forum Press Statement: After SRS’ ‘PTMP’ flops, Penang needs a sustainable mobility masterplan

Malaysia: Towards GE15 and Beyond GE15 by Murray Hunter and Lim Teck Ghee, and: Dark Forces Changing Malaysia by Lim Teck Ghee and Murray Hunter (review)

Guest editorial: Where is the parliamentary condemnation of the attempted murder of outspoken lawyer, Siti Kassim?

Malaysia's Septuagenarians Square Off in State Polls

Press Statement by PSM: PSM calls for a high level independent task force to be formed to investigate the bomb found in activist lawyer Siti Kasim’s car.

Madani government pulling all stocks for coming state elections

RT Interview Swatch Pride Collection Confiscation Malaysia

Foreign influence and covert activities within Malaysian politics and society

Sedition charges against Sanusi could be a game changer in the coming state elections

Bridget Welsh highlights the Madani government’s ineptitude towards the Indian community

“Crying wolf” won’t enhance Anwar’s image

Western Australia Vaccine Safety Surveillance Annual Report 2021

The coming Battle Royale: PMX vs. the “Abah” effect

Is there a mutiny brewing within UMNO against Zahid?

Testimony- CBC Journalist Exposes The Massive Lies & Propaganda Of CBC At National Citizens Inquiry

Why real political change in Malaysia is not going to happen

"Selangor landgrabs": Deep corruption, poor coordination, or misunderstanding

A step back into history: The CPM tunnel complex in Sadao Thailand

The emerging Halal cosmetic and personal care market

Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% Were Caused by Vaccine

Book Review: Deep Corruption, Deep State: What, Who, How and Why

UMNO could be decimated in the coming state elections

Non-practising Muslim Malays

Danish Paper shows the incidence of vaccine adverse reactions varied with production batches

Emerging Malaysian Chinese self-identity

The unravelling of the Anwar myth

Combating the falling Ringgit and rising cost of living

eBook: Malaysia’s Deep Corruption by Murray Hunter

Malaysia’s Flailing GLCs

Dr. David Martin To EU Parliament: The Origins of SARS Cov-2 and vaccines

The Power of PAS

PN’s poor parliamentary opposition performance won’t stop a landslide in the coming state elections

Unity government pursuing reprehensible crack down on free speech

Islam and the implementation of Malaysia Madani

MUDA has been very damaging to Pakatan

KJ ‘spits the dummy’ on article written by academic

Concerning trends on the KLSE

Anwar’s first real crisis as PM

Malaysia: Predictions Coming state elections

Four Thai nationals extradited to Malaysia hold key to Malaysian human trafficking network

Australia is no longer a middle size military power and should behave accordingly

Najib now a pawn in a political chess game

Unity government’s Achilles heel is the economy

Guest Op Ed: Anwar comes full circle and completes what he started in 1982

It’s time to audit and rationalize Malaysia’s GLC portfolio

The Impact of Madani-zation on Malaysia’s Economic Planning

Guest Op Ed: The MPs who don't need Tongkat Ali

Nasi lemak vending machine plan: Bad policy with bad consequences

GLCs are keeping the elite rich and widening the income gap

Is the scene being set to drop all criminal charges against Zahid?

JAKIM’s new role completely changes the nexus of government

Covid-19 patient-zero was a Chinese scientist overseeing ‘gain of function’ research on SARS-Corona viruses

Malaysia’s plunge into theocracy

Batas Baru land sale, profiteering over state-owned lands: why has this land sale gone unchallenged?

Has Malaysia ceded sovereignty to the World Health Organization?

The Organic production of essential oils and what makes a personal care company successful

Why many believe they were better off under Muhyiddin

Fourfold increase Shah Alam Stadium project costs rushed through state exco

The Rise and Rise of Parti Islam se-Malaysia

Auditor-General’s Report 2021 Series 2: Parliamentary democracy reduced to a farce by Perikatan Nasional

Campaigning for ENVIRONMENTAL and CULTURAL Integrity

Madani government using threats of defamation suits as a tool to silence critics

The rising tide of urban support for PAS

MBPJ Councillors steamrolled, to what end?

JAKIM to play censorship role in ‘deviant’ Islam

LCS scandal: remedying corruption or simply ignoring it?

The barrier to implementing Malaysia Madani

An update on the Shah Alam Stadium project follies

Should KJ sign up with Gerakan?

Dark clouds over Malaysia’s economic horizon

In Selangor, shonky business deals are covered up by the Official Secrets Act

Who hijacked the Shah Alam Stadium tender process?

In Selangor, legitimate questions become defamation

The Department of Home Affairs Australia made 4,213 requests to social media companies to censor COVID-related matters

Have Malaysians been deceived over the RM 170 billion Chinese investment?

My contribution to the new face of Cosplay

What will the next military coup in Thailand look like

Insurmountable challenges ahead for a new Thai government

Political parties must stop being dictatorships

Why PAS can’t be defeated in the rural heartlands

NGOs reply to arrogant quip at critics of the Penang South Islands project

Press Statement: Azam Baki Term Extension: a sign of MACC’s persistent institutional flaws despite increased action

Possible clean sweep in Kelantan and Terengganu for PAS

Could PAS join the unity government?

International Covid Summit III - part 2 - European Parliament, Brussels

International Covid Summit III - part 1 - European Parliament, Brussels

The coming state elections are not about ‘Malay-Islamization’

Political appointees by ‘unity government’ go much deeper than Muhyiddin’s or Ismail Sabri’s administrations

A letter from Julian Assange to King Charles III

Who is paying for The Selangor Menteri Besar’s ‘working holiday’ to the US and UK?

Kedah set to become another PAS stronghold

Selangor Government assists corporation make mega-profits through secret deals and land zoning changes

Less than one day to vote for the Popular Readers' Choice Book Awards

Anwar needs to sweep out his advisors and start with a clean slate

BNM interest rate hike could be devastating for the Anwar led government

Penang South Islands (PSI) project shows ineptitude of national planning

Malaysia faces a serious dengue epidemic this year

5 days left to vote for the Popular Readers Choice awards

Highway Tolls: Malaysians still prisoners to monopoly capitalism

A second scenario of how the Anwar government could fall

The 25 year Mahathir-Anwar Feud

Reintroduction of school mask mandates: ministers not doing their homework before making decisions

A scenario of how the Anwar government could fall

The Brilliance of Tom MacDonald

Negeri Sembilan may be a bridge too far for PN

Now time to focus on the domestic agenda

Pardoning Najib could bring down the Anwar government

Now the mandatory death penalty has been abolished, its time to bring Sirul home to establish the truth

Farewell Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham

Press Statement: MACC’s investigations in the judiciary: a symptom of deeper institutional rot

Anwar must have a cabinet reshuffle immediately – OpEd

Will Selangor Menteri Besar be dumped after state election?

Changing the nature of politics to avoid crisis

“DARK FORCES” shortlisted for Readers’ Choice Awards

Developing Clusters to enhance Entrepreneurship

Elon Musk is not the saviour of free speech on Twitter. He is just another big tech mogul with his own agenda

The politics of a pardon

Criticisms still raging over Anwar’s visits to China and Saudi Arabia

What does Anwar’s tilt towards China mean for Malaysia?

Follow-up on IMF’s report card with an overhaul of the 12th Malaysia Plan

From deputy sheriff to lone ranger: The loneliness of the US alliance

Anwar Ibrahim: Strengths, weaknesses, and style

Salvaging philosophy for a society that is discarding critical sensibility

Anwar’s visit to China successful, but the hard negotiations are yet to be done

Anwar pays courtesy call on Chinese President Xi Jinping

Politicized Institutional Islam and Changing Malay Identity

Reform needed in foreign worker recruitment

Law minister Azalina infers the prosecution of Saiful and Muhyiddin was political

The battle for Penang

The Zahid passport decision is a reminder of a two-tier legal system

The Green Party Malaysia allege more dubious land deals in Selangor

Disaster in Saudi Arabia

Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration: Nonclinical Evaluation Report of BNT162b2 [mRNA] Covid-19 Vaccine (Comirnity)

The changing of the guard and the new world order

Is giving immunity to Syed Mokhtar in the public interest?

Rafizi must maintain cabinet solidarity or resign

Cold War in Malaysia

Malaysia’s rich music culture part 8: The paradox of punk

The betrayal of the public by mainstream media - Op-ed

80 cats in Michelle Coote's house in Rayong / Thailand

If the MACC is corrupt, then how can Malaysia ever eliminate corruption?

Indonesian and Malaysian concerns over AUKUS


Could the charges against Muhyiddin politically backfire?

Downed US drone off Crimea heighten tensions

Syed Mokhtar's private jet that could not fly Tun to Langkawi. Really?


Saudi-Iranian Deal Brokered By China Will Change Geopolitics In The MENA – Analysis

Syed Mokhtar and began with Stamford

Hadi’s antics are aimed at winning the youth vote

State Secrets? – Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve

About Syed Mokhtar, Daniel, Sophia, Muhyiddin, Norainee, Farsi & a bit on PMX.

C4 Center Press Statement: Jana Wibawa trial – political manoeuvres and institutional barriers must not stand in the way of transparent investigations into corruption

Of Syed Mokhtar, Muhyiddin, politics, business, & a 40-year 'friendship' that made everyone rich?

Is there really enough evidence to convict Muhyiddin in a court of law?

Searching for good economic policies

Has Anwar begun his own version of Ops Lalang?

Dangerous times for UMNO

Anwar’s first 100 days

Why is Pakatan Harapan circumventing democracy?

Counterproductive results, cock-ups, and conflicts of interest in policy development and delivery

Taking the Measure of Anwar Ibrahim

What has to be done if we are really serious about climate change

Decreasing press freedom under Anwar’s watch

Something is rotten in Selangor

Petrol smuggling to Thailand

A deep dive into the psych of Anwar Ibrahim

Selangor PKR wants to sue? Some questions for Amirudin Shari

Do opinion polls spell doom for Anwar and his government?

Landasan Lumayan Sdn Bhd (LLSB) case is just one of a network of secret companies controlled by state chief ministers in all states

Selangor MB director of company handed RM700m direct negotiation project by Selangor Government PHM

Budget 23: Another Missed Opportunity

Mr. Anwar: Please grant amnesty to those bloggers who helped you

Follow the science: New study confirms natural immunity more effective than vaccines

Is adverse weather mistaken for climate change?

Why the value of a university degree is rapidly declining

Corporate social responsibility in public procurement – no responsibility for losses, no empathy for Malaysians

Inter-racial hate and suspicion is Malaysia’s biggest problem

The Pandemic Public Policy Catastrophe

Smoke & Mirrors: The illusions of Islamic banking

The NEP enriched the political and establishment elites

Reforming Malaysia’s Government Finances

UK: Authorities prescribed use of palliative care drugs for treatment of Covid-19

Reinvigorating market gardening

Now everyone can travel on Thai trains

Is the political noose tightening around Muhyiddin’s neck?

Press Statement: Caution urged: Minister’s invitation to businesses to ‘help’ constituencies defeats axing-out of money politics efforts, C4 agrees with move to cut down CDF

Developing a culture of reform within the civil service

Saving Selangor

Cukuplah on the advisors

Was the emergency decree used to hide criminality?

A scandal many magnitudes greater than 1MDB

Why Nurul must be paid by the taxpayers

Pfizer Press Release: Concerns over Covid-19 Vaccine safety and efficacy

Political Dynasties in Malaysia

Follow the science: Conclusive evidence vitamin D has more efficacy than vaccines

Mapping out the deep state

PRESS STATEMENT: Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2022: Malaysia’s regression ramps up the urgency to fight corruption

Compounding Curiosity: 52 | Yusno Yunos, The Genesis of Evenesis

Alleged covert Thai forces taking out Malaysian gangs on Malaysian soil

The Beginning of the End for UMNO

Anwar is tip toeing through a minefield

Project Veritas: Pfizer director talks of "gain of function' research on Covid virus

Malaysia's Anti-Corruption Watchdog May be Too Far Gone to Fix

Introducing Compounding Curiosity

Dungan arrests only the tip of the iceberg of rogue government officers involved in corruption

The legitimacy of the Anwar administration will hang on the coming state elections

Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change

The dark side of The Voice

Malaysia Responds to EU Moral Imperialism

Ambiga claims Unity Government did deal with UMNO to investigate Tommy Thomas

Government by Slogan: Malaysia Madani

Twitter Files: Big Pharma lobbied Twitter to censor calls for affordable vaccines

Rasputin in Malaysia

Press Statement: PM should adopt a more effective check and balance approach- backing civil servants with adequate reforms

Pfizer scientists were aware of the shortcomings of mRNA vaccines

Corruption has destroyed JAKIM's and halal integrity

The Evolution of the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS): How it Became so Powerful

Police investigate dark forces forum, summon Siti Kassim and others to record statements

Facebook censored factual information about the Covid vaccines

Spy vs. Spy Square Off in Malaysia

The ridiculous persecution of Tommy Thomas under Anwar Ibrahim

TWITTER FILES: Twitter collaborated with Pfizer to suppress the truth

The Rakyat are continually betrayed by their leaders

#1 TOP STORY OF 2022: Malays are second-class citizens in their own country

#2 TOP STORY OF 2022: Malaysia’s Secret Brain Drain

#3 TOP STORY of 2022: How Malaysia’s Robber Barons Operate With Impunity

Anwar must ensure he doesn’t talk himself into unpopularity

New Thai travel requirements could dampen GDP forecast growth

#4 TOP STORY OF 2022: Growing discontent across Malay society

New study shows the higher number of vaccines received, the higher the risk of contracting Covid-19

#5 TOP STORY OF 2022: Will Malaya one day secede from Malaysia?

Deportation of Syed Fawad: a total disregard for human rights and press freedom

What we need to do in public health

#6 TOP STORY OF 2022: The power struggle between Wahhabi-Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood in Malaysia

#7 TOP STORY OF 2022: A new witness provides more details on the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu

#8 TOP STORY OF 2022: A clear and present danger to Malaysian democracy