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Why the anti-hopping law just might be unconstitutional

RT: ‘Eliminate Him’: A look at the violent rhetoric against Donald Trump

KPT investigates CMI Malaysia selling non-accredited certificates, collecting millions in fees, declaring tax evasion losses

The tide is turning

The continuing lie of race-based economics

KJ and Noor Hisham must be held responsible for Covid-19 vaccine decisions

The March to Tanah Melayu

RT: Orban meets Trump to talk ‘peace mission’

Katak Oh Katak


State supported corporate gangsterism is rampant

Article 153

Paying the price of dumbing down business education


Billions up in the air? Why haven't other foreign insurers operating in Malaysia complied with the divestment condition?

The truth must be told

The Sungai Bakap Byelection

Excess deaths still continue in Malaysia

Guest Editorial: Protecting the integrity of Article 153

Reformati reform is dead

Auditor-General’s shows the National Professors Council (NPC) is the epitamy of what's wrong with higher education

The Shah Alam Stadium is coming down

Unseen power of the administrative state

Malaysia Now: BlackRock: Will Anwar do the right thing?

Joint Letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia

A new minister is needed for education

What does the WEF stand for and what does this mean for Malaysia?

Archaeological Sites In Kedah Should Force A Rewriting Of Malaysian History

How the MCMC is criminalizing journalism

Not all states are benefiting from FDI

RT: Assange pleads guilty to espionage

Guest Editorial: The way forward on Article 153

RT: Assange released from UK prison – WikiLeaks

CNA: Kedah has Southeast Asia's oldest civilisation and archaeologists barely know its complete history

Malaysiakini: Report: Cabinet approves plans to license, regulate social media

CNA: Controversial firm managing Malaysia's migrant worker intake set to renew contract for 3 years under strict terms

Focus Malaysia: Shocker that only a small handful of MMC members have valid annual practising certificate

The US State of Kansas takes Pfizer to court under consumer law

RT: Putin’s state visit to North Korea: Warm welcome, bilateral agreements and a new comprehensive partnership treaty

FMT: Briton sues hospital over release of medical info without consent

Variety: Malaysian Filmmakers, Academics Slam Expanded Censorship Rules: ‘Filmmaking is Now a Dangerous Vocation’

CPI: A note from Borneo

Draconian rice laws prevent agricultural innovation

Peoples' Daily: China ready to work with Malaysia to make ECRL a road to prosperity, happiness -- Chinese premier

Thailand Prepares for Casino Boom Amid Economic Hopes

Madani economic reforms underway, but favour the elites


Guest Editorial: Anwar Ibrahim May Find No Acceptance After GE16

BRICS is becoming the big kid on the block

RT: Malaysia moving to join BRICS – PM

In search of good governance

A plea by the Bajau community

Guest Article: The Khao Nam Khang Historical Tunnel of Piyamit 5 Friendship Village

CMI admits potentially losing strategic partnerships to its degree-certificate deal in Malaysia

What’s happening in Perlis?

Silent protest against the excesses of the MCMC

Guest Editorial: Taking on the Biggest Elephant in the Malaysian Room: Article 153

St Regis Hotel assault cover up a symptom of chronic feudalism in Malaysia

Is Anwar missing a major opportunity in Palestine?

Salim the censorship czar

Who wore masks and green vests when Kampong Makmur was leveled?

Latest from Malaysia Now: Madani refugees

Guest Editorial: That G word: Biden, Netanyahu and Blinken in Conversation

In Selangor, the Asia Mobiliti direct negotiation contract is just the tip of the iceberg

RT: BRICS receives new membership bid

Kampong Sri Makmur residents evicted from homes and quickly demolished by Selangor PKNPs

Reformasi won’t win the next general election

Kampong Sungai Baru: Water supply cut off from dwellings to assist company bully occupants in accepting compensation offer

The true agenda of the Anwar regime

Malaysia must prepare for an economic slowdown

Solat Hajat Tolak IHR 2005, Exit WHO & Solidariti Rakyat Teraniaya Vaksinasi

Is the 13% pay increase for civil servants a political ploy?

Concerns over parliamentary sovereignty and government transparency



Free ebook: Dependent Origination as a natural governing law

The proposed sale of Malaysian Airports Bhd

The Sulu Arbitration Scam

Official Position of the State Government of Sabah in Relation to the Constitutional Right to Claim the 40 percent Net Revenue from the Federal Government

Beware Misplaced Trust In Pseudo-Intellectuals

Unicef Study: 52 percent of children in low-income households in KL public housing eat fewer than 3 meals a day

Malaysia: UNICEF study highlights the stark realities of poverty in Malaysia

Is the MCMC building a massive snoop and censor system for WhatsApp?

Guest Editorial: Parody KKB: The Morning After

Politics will continue as usual now the KKB byelection is over

Selangor MBI has no public accountability

The growing momentum for secession in Sabah and Sarawak

Exclusive: Shell in talks to sell Malaysia fuel stations to Saudi Aramco, sources say

JKR report finds the structural integrity of Shah Alam Stadium is sound

Guest Editorial: Parody Hot News on Forest City Casino

Guest Editorial: Dominic Damian's experience with the MCMC

The costs of a pro-Hamas foreign policy

Malaysia falls 34 places in RSF Press Freedom Index

Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim will win the next general election despite declining popularity

My warning was “One day they may come for you”

Press Statement: MCMC’s police report against writer Murray Hunter is high-handed and has a chilling effect on freedom of speech

Chegubard’s arrest and charging is a warning to all Malaysians

Guest Editorial: PARODY: Biden and Blinken on Latest China Trip

Parti Keadilan Rakyat: Killing me softly

The horrors of mRNA

Najib’s bid for “home detention” has just got one step closer

Covid 19 Pandemic Response and Trends in Excess Deaths - Backbench Business Debate

Bloomberg Casino article exposes the intricacies of how business is done by the elite

MCMC is out of control

Malaysian universities "selling unaccredited UK certificates"?

A poor report card for the Madani Government by Amnesty International

Wikipedia: Another social media platform under control of the ‘spooks’

Why Betong International Airport is a white elephant

Can Forest City be country's economic lifeboat?

UMNO will pull down PKR with it in the next GE

MCMC ordered by the High Court to produce police instructions to block

Court dismisses MMC’s objection to hear appeal against disciplinary decision

Zahid's affidavit shows Madani's complicity in attempt to release Najib from prison to home detention

A tale of two leaders

Guest Editorial: A Malaysian Mega Hit Story: Sockgate

eBook Palmistry by Dr Yoshifumi Harada

The 3Rs are an instrument of tyranny for Malaysia

How East M'sia can lead in political transformation

Don’t miss your chance to download 2 ebooks that will explain Malaysia – Free

Selling Certificates - The UK diploma mill in Malaysia

Guest Editorial: Najib House Arrest Big Mess For Anwar Unity Government

Do not proceed with Penang Island’s Mega Projects without proper Local Plan in place

Why Tan Sri Mohamed Salim Fateh Din must step down as chairman of the MCMC

What is the world signing up for with the WHO?

Policy Transformation: A Truly Malaysian Leadership and Ideology Is Needed

Guest Editorial: Vloggers Knock Down Western Media Anti China Propaganda

What's happening in Shah Alam?

The East Wind as Game changer in GE16

Assange British High Court ruling further curtails the freedom of the press

Alleged extortion at reflexology and massage parlours

The realities and challenges ahead for the Anwar government

Using Opportunity Theory to Add Value in the Economy

Guest Editorial: Vernacular Schools and Igniting Culture Wars

Is a ‘constitutional coup’ occurring before our eyes?

A case study of how a Narathiwat village can be transformed to eliminate poverty and create an enterprise culture

“Allah Socks” furore is looking more like wilful sabotage of KK’s business

An important message from James Roguski on The 77th World Health Assembly

Will Anwar’s ‘unity government’ end secularism through a ‘stealthy' Constitutional change?

Shah Alam Stadium project faces further complications

Politicians come and go, but the elite are permanent in Malaysia

Syed Saddiq “flip-flops” again

Bumiputera Economic Congress consolidates the economic power of the elite

Excess deaths: The world is facing the most alarming health emergency of modern times

Guest Editorial: Bumiputera Economic Congress No.7: Heralding the Era of Madani Economics?

Walking under a ladder: Superstition and ritual as a cognitive bias in management decision making

Nominated for the 2024 ICFJ Knight International Journalism Award

Gest Editorial: Najib Under Immediate House Arrest If Agong Grants Remission

In memory of reformasi

Guest Editorial: PM Anwar Ibrahim's Guidance to Australia on Sinophobia and Gaza


Michael Jackson tried to warn us almost two decades ago

MOST CORRUPT VII: Joe Biden - Part IV - Forgotten History

Pas-Royalty rift ensures Anwar runs his full term as prime minister

Is Malaysia ready for a global recession?

It’s time to re-examine Australian defence policy

No one should be surprised Australian politicians have been mingling with foreign spies

Open Letter to PMX

Bumiputera Congress: Don’t dwell on poverty, focus on start-ups

Guest Editorial: Madani Bumiputera Economic Congress: Who Will It Benefit

The Madani censorship and propaganda regime

Too many Malaysians are dying

Lab grown meat might be technically halal but will erode wealth from Muslim communities

Why is the Ringgit falling?

New Free eBook: Feudalism in Malaysia today by Murray Hunter

Its time for real rice reform

Guest Editorial: PMX: Can He Unravel and Reinvent the Bumiputera Construct

While ‘western’ leaders want to hold Putin accountable for the death of Alexei Navalny, who should be held accountable for the incarceration of Julian Assange?

The silent invasion: The rise and rise of BlackRock in Malaysia

The silent invasion: The rise and rise of BlackRock in Malaysia

Anwar claims a poverty free KL, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan

Utter stupidity in Selangor Government Asset Management

Great Eastern Malaysia’s participating policyholders scammed RM2.37 billion for MySalam

Guest Editorial: Thaksin and Lula Freedom Help Najib’s Case For Early Release

How to bypass MCMC censorship in Malaysia

Farewell SteadyAku47 Hussein Abdul Hamid

Fishermen and environmental organisations file action against the Penang South Reclamation (PSR) Project

Why were we not told the truth?

The demise of traditional Journalism

Full Tucker Carlson Vladimir Putin interview

How is the Tucker Carlson interview with Russian President Putin relevant to Malaysian perspectives?

Documents indicate massive asset mis-management in Selangor

MRCB receives ‘go ahead’ to demolish the Shah Alam Stadium

Australia’s stake in the coming U.S. presidential election

Malaysia has fallen

How WhatsApp Makes Money

Guest Editorial: Spinoffs from Dr Mahathir’s Loyalty and Assimilation Hypothesis

Readers’ Comments: Immorality, betrayal and the pardon

Big opportunity for ECRL land-bridge to be a competitive transport route

Najib likely to be free by August

The story of Donald Trump Part Two

Utusan Malaysia: Najib gets a pardon?

Blocked Again

Approval to demolish Shah Alam Stadium given under strange circumstances

Hamas Leader Abroad Khaled Mashal: 'We Reject The Two-State Solution

The real elephant in the room is the elite

Anwar consolidating WEF influence in the top echelons of power

Guest Editorial: Assimilated Bumiputra and Skeletons in the Closet

Cabals, Feudalism, and Apartheid: Will these institutions damn Malaysia’s future prosperity?

Great Eastern used RM 2.37 billion of policyholders’ funds to be exempted from domestic shareholding requirement

Dark forces trying to influence politics and government

Any pardon for Najib will be a political decision

Argentina President Javier Milei advocates neo-liberal economics over totalitarian-socialism

How much influence does the WEF have on Malaysian government policy?

Madani’s true colours are coming through

Over 65,000 downloads of "Deep Corruption The Evolution of the Deep State" since new year

What can we learn from the US Military-Industrial Complex?

A letter from a concerned reader

Malaysia: Reform Agenda Stalled

Novel lethal Corona Virus developed at the Wuhan Lab

Richard Barrow's Singapore-Malaysia-to Bangkok Train Guide

A short documentary about Joe Biden Part 3

Is the scene being set for Najib’s pardon this month?

Paying for Anwar’s massive spending

Tommy Thomas’ stand on Sulu arbitration vindicated by conviction of Stampa

Is JAKIM being groomed to become the sole interpreter of Islam?

Guest Post: Malaysia’s “Dubai Move” in Anwar Ibrahim’s rule: Thai-Syndrome of Evolving Instability

Looking at the Anwar Ibrahim administration through a situational audit framework

The story of Donald Trump Part One

Who is Bill Gates?

Is Anwar’s retrospective anti-corruption drive worth the political instability?

Creating the Orwellian Madani state

Homeless in Kuala Lumpur – The forgotten issue

What the Nurses Saw: Interview with Ken McCarthy

Malaysia 2024: The Unfinished Agenda

Happy New Year: eBook Malaysia’s Deep Corruption by Murray Hunter